Get the hell out of Iraq!! Democrat??

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    Voinovich, McCain at odds on Iraq

    By Justin Miller

    U.S. Sen. George Voinovich: Getty Images Photo
    U.S. Sen. George Voinovich (R-Cleveland) is standing by his support of U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president despite publicly contradicting the presumptive Republican nominee on one of his core campaign issues, saying last night, “We need to get the hell out of Iraq” and supporting a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.
    Voinovich made his comment last night to a meeting of Regional Chamber members in Howland, as the Youngstown Vindicator reported.
    In an interview with, McCain spokesman Paul Lindsay downplayed the differences between Voinovich and McCain.
    “While there are many issues that Senator McCain and Senator Voinovich agree on, this is not one of them. John McCain had the foresight to stand up to Don Rumsfeld and call for the change in strategy that is succeeding in Iraq today. There is much work that remains in Iraq, but Sen. McCain is determined to ensure that our troops come home in victory and with honor,” Lindsay said.
    McCain has been perhaps the most vocal opponent of any timetable for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. McCain regularly attacks his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, for his plans to draw down U.S. forces, calling any timetable a “surrender.”
    "He really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq,” McCain said of Obama in a recent speech in Albuquerque. “And he has wanted to surrender for a long time."
    He lambasted his opponent in the Republican primary, former Mass. governor Mitt Romney, during a January debate for supporting secret timetables and milestones for U.S.-Iraqi progress.
    Voinovich spokesperson Chris Paulitz said Voinovich wants an announcement that the U.S. will begin exiting from Iraq on a timetable to pressure Iraqi and regional players.
    “He wants an announcement that we’re starting to pull back on our physical presence while upping our political and diplomatic presence,” Paulitz said. “If it something that would rip our troops out immediately and leave this vacuum that’s just going to fall into chaos, he wouldn’t be for that. He wants a responsible, gradual withdrawal of our troops with an increase in diplomatic participation on our behalf.”
    Paulitz said Voinovich’s difference with McCain over Iraq doesn’t mean he can’t support him for president.
    “Unless you’re a robot I can’t believe that you’d be lock step with any candidate you’d support 100 percent,” he said.
    Voinovich said last night he supports McCain because of who he is.
    “John’s authentic and has good character,” Voinovich said. “To me, that’s the most important thing.”
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    Pure Hypocrisy IMO there BS on your part. Below is the only true Blue democrat to the cause and you guys totally overlooked him. Are you really all that serious about getting out or just want GW and repubs' out of the way to craft your own New World Order? Obama's no different than GW other than changing the geographic location of where our boys will die in a war for the interest of others.

    Sounds like you've bought the same myth your republican buddies are spreading far and wide that Obama is pure antiwar and will disarm the military industrial complex. Think again!

    Go to AIPAC and read the speeches. He's also very clear that we won't completely leave Iraq either contrary to republican spin!

    As for the above mentioned democrat hero, call him crazy, call him whatever but at least he's got guts to challenge the worthless democrat party leadership who haul out facts for poltiical gain but don't have the balls to do their job! At least Bob Barr had the balls back in 98'.

    Sorry Tie, my compassionate conservative side has a time limit of 30 seconds!

    Also Tie, give Tom Delay a call for some Christian counseling concerning a wife's duty to obey her husband. Seems she is wandering off the reservation.

    you go girl!
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    What are you talking about??

    The story i posted is about a break in republican solidarity on Iraq?

    Your diatribe ranting leaves me with no logical understanding of what you responded to ????

    Really, exposure has two meanings, you should try and limit yourself to the ones that highlight your knowledge and not the one that highlights your need for ridalin.

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    Excellent verbal flatulence BS . When those you direct your propaganda towards do not respond correctly then its time to rip a loud one and stink up the room. :happy-very:
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    The post itself was great. Had anyone else here posted it, I would not have uttered a peep. Might even have thanked them for it and for at least posting it I'll thank you as well. You also made other comments that I've agreed and some I've disagreed and I've no doubt that goes both ways, Cool! BUT!

    My "outburst" had to do with the motive and agenda behind the post itself and what I see over the longhaul of what you've posted. The title also came across to me as some veiled suggestion that the democrats would be better. Sorry, but my response to that is, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Ever heard of a 2 headed snake? Now you know how I see democrats and republicans.

    As for democrats, Case in point was back several months ago when Pelosi and Reed called upon Kuchinich when he was speaking out a little to boldly in going after "Bush the liar" (I'm quoting Micheal Savage here) and he (Dennis) refused to backdown? Ironic after that the response from the beltway democrats was to back the democrat opponent in Kuchinich's Congressional seat forcing Dennis out of the WH run to protect hometurf and thus silence a vocie that could expose the truth that also would show democrat party duplicity in our foreign policy. One which you so conviently fail to always NOT MENTION I might add!

    As much as I laugh and enjoy some of your posts, I just have my doubts about you in the end game. Hope I'm wrong but your posts at the end of the day don't do much to help reassure even though many tickle the funny bone when you and Tie go at it. Who needs the comedy channel.

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    Now I feel like :censored2: for picking on ya!

    But like Gas, this too shall pass!