Give your new manager the "silent treatment"


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A game I like to play whenever I get a new center manager or to see how long I can give them the "silent treatment."
In no way am I being rude. I just like to see how long I can show up, clock on, go get my job done, and go home without actually having to say anything.
I make it a point to smile and wave at them every day. I just never speak or introduce myself. After a few weeks it starts to drive them nuts. Since I never call in sick or ask for help, a new manager simply doesnt have any need or opportunity to speak to me. And if I get an OMS message asking me to help someone else, I just respond "request aknowledged and accepted" without calling in and whining about it. I also dont get complaints, accidents or injuries, so that means even less need for any conversation.
My all-time record for not speaking to a new center manger was just over 6 weeks. One day he finally came over, introduced himself and asked my name. I guess he just got tired of seeing me smile and wave at him every day without knowing who the hell I was.
I have only been able to make it 3 weeks without talking to my new on-car sup. With an on-car its tough to go more than 2 or 3 weeks because there are usually routine matters that come up where conversation just cant be avoided.
I figure I am actully doing them a favor. If a new manager is going weeks at a time without speaking to me or even being aware of who I am, that means I am not wasting any of his time and he is free to deal with other, more urgent matters. A new manager has enough to learn and figure out anyway, the more stuff he can just forget about the better it is for everyone.
Does anyone else do this or am I just nuts?
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out of sight out of mind...perfect way to deal with this kind of company.No news is good news is another saying that works well around here.


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Ha ha ha i would love to play that game with my sups and managers but when they already know and they are standing behind u screaming your last name (wrongly i may add, hence why i refuse to answer) kinda gets hard.

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In our little 7 car center we don't see the center manager much unless he is coming down to fire someone. I don't care for him much and he knows it so I think he avoids me as much as I avoid him. He has been our center manager twice now and to say we have spoken to each other 5 times would be an overstatement. He came down not too long ago and did an observation on me and wouldn't even take the time to go over it with me face to face. He gave it to the on car the next day to get me to sign.


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I am not advocating getting the guy a cup of coffee and offering to do his laundry but I don't think it would kill you to walk up to him, introduce yourself and welcome him to the center, and then slide back under the radar.


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I love it! I want to play, too. Next new sup we get I'm going for the record. Six weeks is a lofty goal, though. Anyone else up for taking on Soberups record? And what's the record for not saying anything to a sup you already know?


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About 2 years ago we got a new building manager. I haven't spoken to him yet. He's a real bunghole and I have no intention of speaking to him either.

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That's funny, and sounds like a fun challenge. I don't think it's hurting anyone. And like you say, it gives the new mgr time to work on what's more importent. :happy2:


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I want to be on your team, pick me!, Pick me!
I also like to remain unnoticed, and play aloof. But it usually doesnt last as long as I would like it to.


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An observation I have made over the years is that whenever there is a management change, the new sup is almost immediately mobbed by people who have favors, requests or expectations.
I like not being one of those people. I'm just an anonymous name on the dispatch sheet, nothing more. A true professional requires very little management to begin with. Low maintainence, like an appliance.
The other benefit of this mentality is that when there actually is a problem that requires your management's involvement, you tend to be taken more seriously when you havent already been in the office 3 times that week whining about a bad load.


My new manager very rarely will ever speak to me. He has been here a year and if he has said 10 sentences to me in that time it's a lot. If I file a grievance he just send sit back denied. He will not discuss anything with me at all. I kinda enjoy it. He even uses the supervisor to ask me questions if he needs to know something he never will ask me directly.


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I guess I've done this without ever really realizing it. Some sups I would really rather not talk to, while with others there is really no need to. Just let me do my job and go home.


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I had a center manager that was like that...For a couple years he never said a word to me, when I was a pt sup, he would just grunt. After knowing of him for about 12 years he finally said something to me after I weht driving "you do a good job" After that he would call me in the morning asking which route I wanted todo or if I just wanted the day off.

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I Wish i could do that with my center manager . ID BE happy with a two day run of no contact. I think ill take off 2 days.
I made it a year and a half when I came to Cach with only a few people able to put my name and face together. You know you got it right when one mgr says your name and another says "who?".