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    Globe trotter - Smart Business

    How CEO Mike Eskew helped grow UPS from a ground-only package delivery service in 37 states to a supply chain management giant in 200 countries

    Although he's been CEO for less than two years, Eskew has long been a vocal advocate of embracing the rapidly expanding global marketplace. In his eyes, CEOs who want their companies to thrive can no longer just do business in their city, state or even country. Like it or not, it's time to get global or perish.
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    That was an interesting article, even though it was over four years old. I never knew that Mike Eskew had actually driven a Package Car before. It didn't say if he actually worked as a Driver or just did Time Studies as an IE guy.
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    I read somewhere that he had been a driver, but it was for a very short time. 30 days to get into management or maybe a year. I forget.