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    Saudi Arabia's religious police have arrested 10 "emo" women for allegedly causing a disturbance in a coffee shop, Al-Yaum newspaper reported on Saturday. The coffee shop owner in the eastern city of Dammam called the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to complain after the young women, dressed and made up in the "emo" fashion, apparently began disturbing other clients.
    The religious police then called their parents to come and collect the women, and to sign pledges that the girls would not repeat their ostensibly offensive un-Islamic behaviour and dress.
    According to recent reports, growing numbers of urban young Saudi women are latching on to the emo fashion popular from Japan to Europe and the Americas.
    The trend is characterised by wearing skinny black jeans, tennis shoes, colourful T-shirts bearing the names of emo bands, heavy make up and sharply chopped and sometimes radically coloured hair-dos.
    While Saudi women normally must appear in public shrouded by all-black abayas and headscarves, some daringly open their abayas in places such as malls and coffee shops to reveal more trendy outfits underneath.
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    So you think Obama should go to Saudi and lash out at their lawmakers over their laws?
    I don't agree with what they do on this, that's just one of the reason's I don't live there.
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    I say the State (both democrats and republicans) are utter hypocrites as they propagandize the American public in one case while ignoring the other mostly because of a favored economic relationship. I say we shouldn't be anywhere over there at all and if any American business interests want to do business over there, they go on their own risk and own dime and not on the Taxpayer's. If they had to absord the entire risk of doing business over there, their business model would adjust or they would depart.

    What would the BP's of the world do if they enjoyed no special status from the state eg corporation and couldn't hide behind limited liability when a Deepwater Horizon dumped oil in the gulf? What if they held no special status at law that limited their liabilty to $75 mil and real private property owners damaged by oil spills could seek the court in tort law to obtain restitution for any damage? Do you think then the economic incentive would be enough that a safety valve on the ocean floor would be installed instead of ignored because the regulatory fines the oil companies control are low enough to take the risk? And if you get the gov't to own the property in the first place instead of having to deal with individual property owners one by one, who cares how much oil leaks out as you have no interest in the property to begin with.

    True Free market economics doesn't work by the point of a gun but on an equal benefit to bothsides in an economic exchanged based on honest and transparent practices. If either side is incapable of such practices, then refuse to do business. But don't use the force and coersion of the State to put a gun to my head, force me to hand over my property in the results of my labor so a corp. interest can benefit by pumping out oil and bringing it back home to a gov't created monopolized market!

    Hope that answers your question!
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    No actually it didn't answer my question, it was a simple question that could be answered in a yes or no. Plus I thought the post was concerning treatment of women in Saudi.