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    Barry and Deon
    Pam Anderson
    Al Bundy
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    giphy (10).gif
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    4 TDs in the city championship game for Polk High? He’s the greatest of any generation. B437E64C-C194-47A6-B949-7D83280EB2E1.jpeg
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    My Condolences
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    Thought that was Y.A Tittle
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    He took out Bubba Smith too!
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    Great taste or less filling?
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    I need our forensic thread investigator @Turdferguson to explain?
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    Two Tokes
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    Pam Anderson? Seriously?
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    Calling people GOATS means you let yourself be a slave to social media.
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  16. Protein Fart

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    This is my only social media outlet. I found out about the "meet me outside how bout dat" girl on this site lol.
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    If this was social media, I wouldn't be here. This is fun

    bsbullf.gif , strictly my opinion. Enjoy yerself.
  18. Protein Fart

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    You're opinion doesn't negate fact. This forum is social media.

    "Enjoy yerself" is basically a condescending overly polite way of telling me to go :censored2: myself. That's an opinion.
  19. floridays

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    No, actually I meant for you to have fun. What you do with yourself is none of my business. I see you don't know me, I'm not known for politeness yet am quite polite a great part of the time.
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    There's a generation between L.T. And tiger.

    No baseball players?