Going from preload to air driver and back to preload

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    Hi, I had a couple questions that maybe somebody with more experience or has been in this situation could help me out with. Ive been working at ups for the past 8+ years on the preload as an unloader/sorter/spa person and I also work a pt job outside of ups on the side. Recently there has been bid sheets for part time early am driver. I won the bid and was offered the air driver job and took it but now im contemplating whether its a bad move. Currently im making 16.50 on preload and would have to take a pay cut down to 12.00 an hour for air driving but after 2 years Id be making more than my progression on preload. Im not very happy about taking a cut in pay but unload is breaking my back and I want to get off preload. What im worried about though is if I end up getting laid off from air driving after peak or I decide I dont like the air driver hours and want to or have to go back to preload for either reason. When I go back to preload from the air driving, would I get my old rate of 16.50 back or would I have to work the preload at my 12.00 air driver rate?? I asked the HR person when i took this air driver gig and she didnt know, so I will try to ask around to other air drivers or a steward. Has anybody been in this situation?? I have other concerns about taking this air gig too in relation to my other job and schedule conflict.
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    Hindsight is 20/20 but I would have had my questions answered before I accepted the bid.
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    I havent started anything yet and am still working the preload until I gotta goto the driving class so Im pretty sure I can still back out of this. Besides i did ask HR about this and they didnt know. Nobody seems to ever have these answers at this place when I do ask.
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    HR didn't know? It's her job to find out.
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    Nobody seems to know :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: at that place
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    Call corporate. The number can be obtained from any OMS.
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    But, I thought there was something about being red-circled, as far as pay. I do know the 2 years goes fast. The job is gravy.
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    I find it hard to believe that upstate doesn't know the answer. He knows everything.
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    I thought that also but for some reason it keeps coming into my head that air driving is different. Also why are they bidding this air job this is exactly the type of job that's supposed to be filling the article 22 jobs.
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    We have one in our building that is, finally, suppose to be going up for FT bid in Feb. Talk is they might add another one, as well. They are 22.3 jobs, no matter what you call it.
    As far as the pay, it's been a long time since I went through that.
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    As a Air driver your going to have to obey the 14 and 10 hr rule... Depending on the work scheduled of you other job this could be a problem. Your other job counts towards your 14 and 10 hrs...

    Your 14 hours start when you start working for UPS in the morning and ends when your other PT jobs ends. Example, If your drive air on Tuesday morning you need to have 10 hrs strait of off time between the end of your other job and the start of driving Air on Wednesday morning Violation of the 10 hr rule.

    If your in that situation your could bring that point up for backing out.

    Also as a PT Air driver you could be told on any given day that after you deliver air you need to go help some other driver which could impact your other PT job...
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    I would take the air driving job if you can afford to wait two years to be making by then probably about $26/hr. Also, your seniority stays the same, so if another PT air driver has been at UPS less than you, even if he/she has been driving longer, you should be able to work over him.
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    If you return to the Preload you will get your old Preloader pay, plus whatever raises may have taken place in your absence, since you will have that much more part-time seniority by then.

    Be careful. Early AM Air Driving is normally supose to be full-time regular driver work. Don't be suprised if UPS decides to make it such just when you are about to jump way up to Top Air Rate in two years. Or maybe a full-timer will file a grievance and want the Early AM work for himself before that.