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    I finally got a shot at doing saturdays, and they said hopefully holiday driving as well. I passed my road test at my hub, (some parts weren't pretty. I'd consider myself still a novice or an amateur on a stick, but on the whole, i demonstrated I can get the vehicle from a to b), Just passed my online precourse, and now just have to wait for them to tell me when I'm going. I've heard a LOT of mixed reviews about this driving class. I've heard everything from it's a "militaristic" type of ordeal, to others telling me that the facilitators are good and helpful.

    They said they're putting me up in a hotel for the week, since i have to go down 2 states to get there. I gotta say I'm kind of excited, and honestly a little nervous at the same time. This could have ramifications on the future financial stability for me and my wife. Doing saturdays, and this holiday will definitely help us out tremendously. Plus, getting these qualifications out of the way for when a ft driving position opens up. (if ever). But, I'll certainly give it my all. They don't know the dates yet, but I have to imagine it's soon, if they're trying to get their holiday drivers lined up. Peak isn't that far away after all.
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    1. Saturdays won't pay all that much, for quite some time. You'll start @ $12.50/hr, usually for 3-4 hours (unless there are afternoon pickups, too; & you have the seniority to work that). Please read Article 40, especially about time credit for 'Exception Air driving'.
    2. How long is the holiday driving period where you're at? 2, maybe 3 months? And what is the pay rate for that? And will you have any kind of guarantee to be working (I doubt it. Some areas will let you still work a part time shift, as long as you won't have an Hours of Service violation.). Best case scenario will give you a decent pay check, but only for the holiday period. Do the math.
    3. It doesn't matter how long you have Saturday/Exception Air/Holiday driven; when a FT driving position opens up, you have to start over in a new qualification period. But, the experience will be very helpful.
    I recommend you consider the first 2 points if you're going to have to give up a second job.
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    Say your prayers and eat your vitamins, brother. Its gonna be one helluva ride.
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    Giving it your all dosent matter to ups. At all. If there magic numbers say you didn't do good enough ,which if following methods and not running and speeding and skipping lunch and breaks, they won't,then you are screwed and this place is not worth the stress and bs if your just starting out. Find something else. Sorry so negative but honestly trying to help u. Good luck to you
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    The quote I live by in my UPS career:

    "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast."
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    I just took the class last week. It was intense and a lot of safety stuff. That's not to say there aren't laughs to be had and light hearted moments. I had 5 or 6 different instructors all very serious but very straight forward about the journey we're about to embark on. Good luck
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    For right now, something is better than nothing and I'd be grateful to have some extra hours. Even it it's only a few. And I know you have to go through a new probationary period when you go full time, I just meant rather, that my pre-qualifications (road test, online courses, integrad) will have already been long done, when my number's called.
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    Start learning your DOK now, word for word. Know the proper lift and lower technique, and you'll be a step ahead of the game going in.
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    I've been to intergrad in the past 6 months. The classes are thorough, and I thought they were useful. We had a couple guys disappear seemingly randomly throughout the week, failing out. We also had one guy who was utterly incompetent, and made it through no matter what he was screwing up. (*cough* affirmative action *cough*)

    Don't get stressed and know your 5 and 10 before you go. Do that and it's easy.

    If you get in full time driving they will probably tell you (or imply) that you should forget half of what you learn at intergrad. Saturdays doesn't really matter, easy money, just don't run into anything, and if you end up needing help don't be afraid to call. Try to work as you were trained, even if it's on saturdays, so if you ever end up FT it's already second nature.

    The pay on sats sucks at first, but when you hit top scale it's an awesome amount of money on top of your PT check.
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    All the stuff that's introduced to you as a loader (lifting and lowering, 5 keys slips and falls) I have down pat. They put me on the chsp because I was the only guy who could pass their little audits.

    It's the new driver related stuff (5 and 10, 6 safe work methods, etc) that are new to me. I was able to commit them to memory throughout the online precourse. But they said in addition to verbating it I have to say "what it is, how is it done, and what does it do for you". Which frankly, some of them are little ridiculous because it seems as thought some of them mean the same thing, they're just worded differently. And the whole imaginary dart board thing with the aim high in steering, seems a little silly to me. They want you to have an eye lead time of 8 - 12 seconds, check your mirrors every 2 - 5 seconds, so your eyes don't fixate on any one thing, but then they want you to focus on an "imaginary" dart board in the center of the lane.
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    A lot of that crap is silly to memorize but you have to learn it. Just so you can parrot it back to them periodically. I think UPS has a contest every year for some office geek to come up with a new annoying acronym.
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    5 seeing habits. All Good Kids Like Milk. The 10 point is pretty easy. You can actually remember it in order as ur driving. 1. One car length. 2. 2 lefts. Left right right again. 3. Count 1,2,3. Etc. rules for backing. I made this one up for myself Only Stupid Boys Don't Use Correct Workmethods 8 yard rules. 3 Ds. SS. Lo ve. Co ke. Your lo being lights operable. Ve. All must wear a vest. Co. Continue to use horn. Ke. Keys with you. SS is. Signs and seatbelt. Hope this helps.
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    Only quote that around supervisors. And add, "Smooth as molasses."
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    I took driver class a couple months back and it was a decent experience. Mine was not integrad but done semi locally at a center a couple hundred miles from mine. I was also put up in a hotel, and it was enjoyable. A week away from the wife and kids was fun. Brought my golf clubs and played a round one day, and ate like a champ since I was given a 25 dollar a day stipend for meals. Like stated previously memorize your seeing habits and 10 point. A guy in my class failed out because he couldn't recite them while doing the driving test at class. Funny, because he was a lot better on the stick and driving then a lot of us. Good luck, make the most of it and have fun. I treated it like a mini vacation. Rest up the day before you do a "ride a long" as my guy put my **** in the dirt all day. Walk at a brisk pace? Yeah right. "Move your ass" was said to me several times as we ran all of our resis. Good luck. Wish you well. I just made my 30 days, and hopefully it won't be long for you.