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  1. Muttley45

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    Is loading 4 completely empty package cars in a 5 hour shift a typical shift? I had supe help at times, but I don't think he'll be helping once my training is over. Just wondering if this something I can expect every day or if it gets easier/harder. Thanks.
  2. dillweed

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    Four pkg cars is pretty typical. Some folks only load three but they may be heavier loads.

    Once you've been doing it for a few months it will get easier for you. You'll learn tricks to get the work done faster and you'll also gain strength.

    Always work safely and don't hurt yourself. Do the best you can, the way they tell you. If you fall too hard behind someone should be sent to help dig you out. :) If they rag at you about being behind keep your temper and ask them to show you how to improve. Good luck and let us know how it's going. dw
  3. Lobofan5

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    I load 4 cars in a 5 hour shift every day.

    It will get eaiser as you gain experience. When I first started, I didn't think I would ever be able to do it, now 1 year into it I could load them in my sleep....

    well, except for those pesky Irregs....

    Hang in there.
  4. kgoldtimer

    kgoldtimer kgoldtimer

    It will get easier.
  5. scratch

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    All of these jobs get easier with time. The "oldtimers" that have been doing it a while learn the best methods and look smooth as they work. Its all about experience, eventually you learn to act immediately, so it gets better. Also, its hard physical work. After a few weeks, your body will get used to it. Be careful to use the proper lifting methods you are taught and get help with the 0/70s stuff.
  6. Muttley45

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    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I felt like I was in good shape but have to admit this AM was a surprise. I feel if others have done it I can too. I'm sure I'll get better with time.
  7. HazMatMan

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    Let's see, back in the late 80's I was loading 8 cars on a roller section with 2 extra cars added for peak. when I would get blown out they would send me help, sometimes they wouldn't. then we moved to a new building in 91 and I got to load only 3 cars but had to split the belt for 12 more cars. But times change, numbers change. I would say loading 8 cars today would be impossible, even by UPS standards.
  8. Griff

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    Almost everyone learns very quickly there's a difference between being in shape and being in UPS shape. Most don't look like they're in great shape because they have horrible diets, but almost everyone that does these jobs for years is in phenomenal condition. Like everyone else said, give your body time to adjust and it'll be nothing.
  9. faded jeans

    faded jeans Say WHAT again!

    Are you working off a box line or a belt?
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    In our center the best loaders aren't the most experienced. Our preload has two or three loaders that have been at UPS since the late 80s and one of them is an awesome loader and the others are pathetic. The rest of the preloaders were all hired in 2004 and one in the late 90s. Some of them have improved greatly since they started and some haven't at all. A couple have gotten worse. I'm starting to think that experience and time with the company aren't really that much of a factor. At least in our center.
  11. LKLND3380

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    Loading three and a half package cars in a four hour shift is average...

    Having a new hire load four is training nightmare... UPS will say "those are his cars and they need to learn...." I say move some experienced people to four package cars and have the new hires do two or three...

    Since you said you had a supe help a few times I guess you have worked two or three days... I have seen new hires leave after two hours....

    We have a set of cars that have gone through five loaders in six months... A new guy just started on them yesterday, a transfer from PM shift... He may as well have been a new hire off the street, preload is ALL NEW TO HIM....

    Some days will be lighter for you and others will be blown out... It will get better as time goes on but we should be getting hit with back to school stuff and then halloween stuff and then PEAK SEASON.... So it does get worse but you have more hours to do it in...