Good evening everybody. Help needed for being Driver Helper!

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  1. lawjie

    lawjie New Member

    Ok. I am in San Francisco as a Driver Helper. I went through the orientation today.
    I am so nervous about tomorrow.

    Any suggestions?

    My current worries are:
    1. It's cold, and I have UPS jacket, but HR told me not to show the logo in public(like public transportation),for my own safety. How should I deal with that? Use a tape to cover it? Or can I put the UPS jacket in my backpack and change it after I get into the truck? ( Will the driver be unhappy?)
    2. Package...ok. If nobody is home, and I don't feel like there is a safe place to hide, should I really ask a neighbor? or usually I should just leave a infoNotice and bring the package back?
    3. Signature: this year they run out of DIAD, so we are going to write it down on paper. Driver will do the DIAD. If a signature is required, usually the driver will tell me, or I have to look at the package myself?
  2. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    1: The UPS brown pants and shirt already gives you away... the UPS jacket isn't going to scream it out any louder. However, if YOU truly do become concerned about your safety off-the-clock over this, then feel free to slip a pair of sweats and a hoodie over your entire uniform to better disguise yourself. But that is an absolutely unnecessary step. I've been doing this for three Peaks and I have never had a problem - I however have my own vehicle... so... whatever you feel is best for you, feel free to do what you would about this.

    2: 90% of the time there are NO "out of sight" places to DR (Driver Release) a package. We are supposed to leave them anyway... that's why UPS has insurance. However, you should speak with your Driver about this concern as it largely depends on how the DRIVER decides to run their route. They'll tell you what they want you to do in those instances, some will even tell you where THEY want you to drop the package. Do what the Driver says and you'll be fine.

    3: From my experience the Driver always tells you - but the package label will also specify this to you towards the bottom. If it is a simple Sig Req (anyone of any age can sign), you can get anyone at that address to sign for those packages. However, if they require an "Adult" sig (over 21), you are required to check their ID to verify their age due to liability reasons BEFORE allowing them to sign for the package(s) owing to alcoholic contents.

    Good luck and stay safe!
  3. lawjie

    lawjie New Member

    Thank you so much!!! Love your reply! Helped me so much!

    T_T. They didn't call me today. Right now is 8:43 am. so I guess I will call them tomorrow morning 8:00am...
  4. evilleace

    evilleace Member

    About that adult sig required it is not my place to card anyone. So if they look old enough and are not drunk they can sign.
  5. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    UPS is liable if an under-21 individual gets drunk and "something" bad happens (i.e. the underage recipient gets drunk and tries to drive a car and gets messed up) and all because the Driver/Helper failed to verify ID before allowing them to sign for the alcoholic contents WE released to them. YOU will end up in trouble (Helpers will be terminated), that's why YOU should always ask for DOB verification, not just because it's UPS policy but for your OWN self-assurance. I ALWAYS ask for ID on Over-21 sig reqs, no exceptions. My Driver always does too, so I'm not doing anything he/she wouldn't do him/herself. It's worth the extra 15 seconds for peace of mind, IMHO.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Magnus, technically you are correct and, as a helper, you should continue to do as you have been doing.

    I do have to correct you on your statement regarding delivery releases. UPS does have insurance but, much like yourself with your home and/or auto insurance, they would rather not have to use it. Take the extra second or two to ensure a proper DR now so that your driver will not have to deal with a DFU in a month or so.
  7. helenofcalifornia

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    I would go in anyway regardless if they called me. A lot of the helpers can't cut it and just quit. If you go in you will show them that you are eager to work and reliable.

    And they want you to cover your uniform up why? They think you will be a target?
  8. helpernyc10

    helpernyc10 New Member

    Yes, just go in, do not sit and wait to be called. I was talking to another helper that just started, though she was trained weeks ago. Show up and most likely than not, they'll pair you you with whoever. Good luck. I am pretty new as well, today was my fifth day, and I finally feel comfortable enough with the DIAD, thanks to my most recent driver who has been patient enough with me.
  9. MataLeão

    MataLeão New Member


    I think it would make a great story how once the San Franciscan Parcel Lackeys spotted me in my UPS paraphernalia - the beating that ensued decided then and there, FedEx was a safer choice.
  10. lawjie

    lawjie New Member

    Thank you guys for replying! Got ya all!
  11. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    All of our helpers are picked up on route. I don't know what good it would do to go into the building. I suppose in a big city things are different.
  12. lawjie

    lawjie New Member

    I am just going to call my district coordinator tomorrow morning around 7:30
  13. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    Totally understand that and I truly do my best to pick and choose the optimum location to drop the package at on the intended for property (I put myself in the customer's shoes, that "IF this were my package, where would I want it dropped?" etc., but sometimes there simply just are not any adequate places to hide them at - no cover of any kind. If there is a door mat, I will toss it over - that's better than nothing.

    The Driver tells me to just drop these kinds of stops anyway... I don't particularly like to given the risks, but we really don't have the time to knock on neighbor's doors, get them to sign off and then track back to the intended recipient's house to leave the "left at" notice. Really wish we could but the SPORH and time allotment on our stuff is just horrendous.

    With all of that said, we haven't had but ONE theft this Peak so far - and it WASN'T even at one of those kind of drops just covered, either - had lots of cover and everything. What happened was the guy had decided to follow us to our next stop off of the major intersection we'd just gone through (didn't realize that right away)... he pulled up behind us as we made the stop and as I was running back to the P10 after making the drop, he said out loud to me in passing "oh, for me?!" as he was walking past me to retrieve it... I thought it highly suspect, told my Driver and we drove off for the next drop. He assumed as I did the guy actually did live there and just happened to, on coincidence, get home at that precise moment. So we let it go and finished that section of the route, but we decided to double back and just make sure. We found the car, the guy and the package - GONE. It happens, couldn't have done anything about it and I certainly wasn't about to tackle the guy to the ground, for several good reasons given the circumstances lol.

    But anyway... :biting:
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Magnus, in a situation such as that, all you have to do is ask him to verify the name on the package--if he doesn't know or hesitates than you don't leave the pkg.
  15. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    Yep, done that before. He'd been walking up to go get it from where I dropped it at the time. Would have done just what you said if I'd still had it in my hands, but it had already been DRed I was already just about at the P10. If something like that ever happens again I will run ahead of the person, grab the package and do that. Thanks. :wink2:
  16. siredline09

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    Why are you worrying they just going to let you go in a few more weeks... YOU ARE JUST A TEMP ***********************************************************************************
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  17. lawjie

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    Fine= =. Today is the second day, I called the center and left a message. They didn't call me back= =

    Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't worry. Or just don't care?

    Anyway, I will try to call them again tomorrow.
  18. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    The absolute WORST thing you could do this late in the game is try to play "phone tag". You need to PHYSICALLY go down to the Center and speak with the Helper Coordinator. They may not like that, but you need to do what you need to do. Peak is almost over, we've got tomorrow and until the next Friday (some lucky Helpers will get until Dec. 30th if they have busted their asses and have high praise from their Drivers).

    Just do it. You can't be ignored if you're standing right in front of them. Management, even the good guys and gals, resort to some primitive crap to avoid dealing with us sometimes... especially HR. Don't hold it against them... I'd probably resort to the same in their shoes, with all the crap they have to put up with from all sides, all day and night long. But I digress.

    I had to do this my second Peak as the Helper Coordinator (great guy) got sickly and just forgot all about pairing me up with somebody amidst that and all the chaos going on the first week of Peak. We were shooting for me being back on with the guy I ran with (am running with this current Peal) and so it jammed the works up a bit. It happens, but because I physically showed up (after also not being able to get a hold of anyone by phone first), what ended up happening was a string of profuse apologies and the guy making a prompt phone call. He tossed me my DIAD III, told me to meet x-Driver at x-location in 30 minutes and that was that. I worked every day after, got the heaviest route he had on the books and I was even kept AFTER Christmas until the 30th. Banked just over 1K that Peak with a fair bit of OT pay.

    Good luck and I hope you decide to show up there, in person, tomorrow. Let us know what happens!
  19. lawjie

    lawjie New Member

    awwww. damn...Right now is 10:42am....And today I have some very important thing to do.
    I think they don't open on weekend. So I will call them 7:00am of Monday. If this time I don't get any response. Yes. I will go down to the center. ( is the center same as their facility? Where I received interview & orientation from HR?)

    Thank you so much for telling me. I feel so bad about UPS right now. I was really look forward to this company. This is my first job.(maybe it's not really a job, but it meant a lot to me!) And yet 3 days after orientation they just leave me alone...
  20. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    Alright, but I wouldn't expect anything to happen by Monday. As I said, you've pretty much got next week to work, if at all. But I know how you feel. UPS was my first company too... I'm hoping it will be the only company I work for. Can't see myself doing anything else, least of all a boring desk job.

    But anyway, good luck to you.

    P.S. Yes, most likely the place you interviewed at WAS the Center. You need to go back there to try and get somebody's attention.

    But, this late in the game... I doubt they have need of you. 10% of Helpers spend their "employment" sitting by the phone from 6AM to 11AM and are only called when another Helper quits, gets injured, or else gets fired. Some of those end up never getting a call at all. Sounds to me like you ended up in that group... sorry man, better luck next Peak.