Goodbye to another corrupt Democrat!!

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    BOSTON -- Massachusetts State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury sitting in Boston.

    Wilkerson was charged with eight counts of attempted extortion in connection with her acceptance of more than $20,000 in cash payments between June 2007 and October 2008. Wilkerson was also charged by federal indictment with eight counts of attempted extortion under color of official right. The indictment also seeks forfeiture of $23,500 in payments made to Wilkerson by undercover agents and a cooperating witness, as part of an 18 month covert investigation.
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    I hope she gets what she deserves. The full sentence. :wink2:
    I don't care what party she was for. Same goes for either. Corrupt politicians just suck!
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    She has had more breaks with the law & common sense than anyone .
    This one is a federal rap.
    In the past .....forgot to pay income taxes, gave weird reasons why; check fell behind bookcase, didn't know you had to, someone unknown called her two years prior & stated that someone from southie was going to kill her so she claimed to have spent her tax money on security.....and she is a lawyer by trade.
    So she spends a little time in jail, gets probation, breaks the rules, goes to a half way house, again breaks the rules, and all this time she is still holding her elected job.
    Past elections.... forgets to get the 500 signatures to run for re-election, has another minority female running against her so she plays the race card by saying that this women " isn't dark enough " .
    Loses this past election , with all the support of the governor & the local democratic party making ro-bo calls for her, then she claims this is HER district & mounds a sticker campaign to retain her status.
    Oh forgot about all the campaign monies that over the years has gone missing, reports never filed,changing stories each time when asked about it.
    She was due in court last monday for a hearing, but asked for & got another break, had a hearing on friday ( no media present ) told the court she had no money ( owns a house & a condo near the statehouse ) so would the commonwealth please pay for her very expensive layer. Ok said the judge.
    The case against her is rather solid, they have tape recordings & pictures of her stuffing $100 bills into her bra.
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    I remember seeing this on the news, a Victoria Secret model she is not, I bet she could have stuffed that bra with a couple grand, maybe she did in the past.

    Just makes you wonder based on your post regarding her history, how she could be an elected official. I think she's been around for awhile, hasn't she?

    And one would think if she's a attorney, and any good at it, one of her cohorts would do her case pro bono, but then again, why risk their career, while she's on tape?

    I posted a link on TOS thread regarding a corrupt republican, from wikepedia, listing all the politicians who stuck it to their constituents, may want to a take a look.
  5. Baba gounj

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    I looked at that list, had to make a correction on it. The bra stuffer did not resign until yesterday, not in October which was when the Mass Senate asked her to.
    Interesting note: she submitted a hand written letter, a rather crudely written one.

    Republicans ( as a rule ) when they are caught , resign
    Democrats ( as facts show ) when they get caught ; blame others, lie about it, do not resign, and have to be physically removed from office.
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    Another story about another corrupted politician. term limits are required. If nothing else it will limit their theft.
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    Not picking on you Tie because your idea to some extent does have popular appeal. Many wellmeaning people advocate it. That said however, when I see the above framed the way it is I only grow sad in realizing the root cause of big gov't.

    It's like we're saying, "Gov't I can't control myself so force me to do what I need to do!" We can't use common sense to fasten a seat belt so pass a law to make us, invoke police powers (and court structure) to make sure we do and they send us the bill (taxes) which forces us to pay for it all. So now we can then turn around and declare, "Damn you gov't, stop raising our taxes!" "I hate gov't meddling in my life, who's with me?"
    Are we a worthless lot or what?:happy-very:

    Again, we refuse to use our own freedoms and choices to do sometimes what is in the best interest of the country and that is turn someone out from office or even have the courage when we enter the ballot box to vote.

    We want the term limits but than we defend our action at the ballot box in voting for the "so-called lesser of 2 evils" thus IMO admitting we are voting not on principle but rather on the negative of fear. I guess in some way we might argue and rationalize our fear as some mechanism of principle but in the end it's all driven by fear.

    Did we ever consider once that in just one election cycle if we just voted way completely out of the mainstream cycle and turned Washington on it's ear that maybe the next few election cycles, the need for term limits wouldn't be as great because the people in Washington would get the hint and change their ways?

    To paraphase the great Smokey Bear, "Only you can bring about change, Not Obama!"
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    Now, this is
    Have you been spending too much time in a Minneapolis-St Paul airport restroom to come up with that.....
    I thought you said you don't care what party corrupt politicians are for, they all suck. Now, your categorizing that corrupt Democrats suck more than corrupt Republicans because corrupt Republicans are honorable..:rofl:

    IMO....the title of this thread sounds like someone as eaten sour grapes. The election is over, move on. The people have spoken. Gloating over another US Legislaters woes simply because of party affiliation, is just another example of further polarization of this country. (Unless of course its a compelling story like Larry Craig's restroom
  9. chev

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    Hmmmm, I don't believe the title of the thread had anything to do with the election. Now who is really eating sour grapes?
    Dems do go into denial when caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Clinton was a prime example, except it wasn't his "hand" or a "cookie jar". :wink2: Damn that was one chunky "cookie jar".
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    Just to be on the record, I did not comment on the other thread "Goodbye to another corrupt Republican".....
    Clinton on the otherhand did not commit a crime...but a sin against his wife and was not straight up with a grand jury. He never should have been put in that position in the first place except in front of his Pastor, Priest or Minister.
    On the other hand, Republicans are so desperate for power, they almost re-elected a convicted felon to the Senate in Alaska......I guess Sarah will have to wait and play Gov for a few more years before she elbowed out Sen Stevens. This nonsense of who cries more when caught with their hand in the cookie jar proves nothing. For every bad apple Democrat you name theirs a Republican accepting a bad apple from a snake as well. So much for Paradise. I guess were all going to hell in a handbasket by all this finger pointing....:devillangel:
  11. tieguy

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    I don't see the coorelation between term limits and raising taxes.