GOP for tax increase which Obama hopes to block

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Aug 21, 2011.

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    OF course they want to see it expire. IT HELPS AMERICANS!

    Thats not a part of the plan however. Republicans and their supporters will vote against their own best interests every election cycle even though the right wing in power screws them everytime. OBAMA has cut the payroll tax twice since taking office, BUSH raised it twice while in office.

    Now, the republicans will allow the extentions to expire and hurt the middle class as they normally do. Business as usual for them. They tried to kill the fair labor standard act many times during bush, and that would have wiped out overtime pay, miminum wage, vacation pay, holiday pay and pensions, BUT people still believe the right wing has their best interests at heart.

    Too bad they cant see beyond the flag waving and tough talk about defense.

    I hope americans see the republicans for what they are....BULL>....CHITTERS.

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    It's funny how tables turn.
    I personally couldn't believe it when Obama briefly mentioned his job creation plan, and he wants to lower personal income taxes (as the repulicans always wanted).

    Now, ofcourse, the GOP changed it's mind, and wants to raise taxes, instead !

    Just great American bi-partisan ship !
    And no wonder the USA in in still stand ! (sorry, but sadly true) !
    Just look at the likes of Mitt Rommny..... his "state" (national) healthcare is great (as he says) - but not great for the country and wants to kill the plan (but not in his state) !

    ffff (sorry for the "f") - but they are losers ! And the worst at it, too !

    I think I'll give up watching the news, because it's just too frustating to see how 2 parties, (that don't get along), can ruin a country such as the once mighty USA !

    Feel sorry for you folks - kick them all out come next election !
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    Understanding that withholding and in many ways taxation on wage and salaries of working folk (blue and white collar) didn't ramp up until the 1942' Victory Tax Act and was later codified in the 1953' Income Tax code, I always found this from Cornell Law to be interesting reading. Seems to early applications of the income tax were very driven towards a certain entity who in fact enjoyed a special status of state privilege. To go the next step, if one never partook of such privilege, one was never considered a source for the application of the income tax. Nearly 100 years later I find it equally interesting as to where we are now and the debates we have over the matter while considering the original intent of those that wrote and framed the 16th amendment.

    Just a thought!