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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by T-Mac, Feb 26, 2007.

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    i currently work at UPS. i have worked there for 10 months and i still unload trailers. i filled a grievance because i wanted to move to the pre-load and they finally are going to give me a chance at loading a pull with three trucks. i am suppose to move to this pull in one week from today(next monday).

    i just(5 minutes ago) got a call from Sunstone Circuits and they want to come into an interview on wednesday, and i am. the position is for a Team Leader in the shipping/receiving area. i have a year and a half of experience in shipping and receiving. i have never been to an interview and did not get the job.

    this job will pay at least $10/hour and in the job desciption, it says that they'll pay for me to take exporting classes. right now at UPS, i am making $9/hour and when i get moved to the pre-load, it'll be $10/hour. at UPS, ill get a 50 cent raise in april. ups is part-time, sunstone circuits is full-time.

    if i get this job, do you all think that it would be wise to take it?
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    well, it depends on what your long term goals are. do you need the benefits? do you want to move up at ups? do they offer advancement opportunities? will you have time to take export classes with a full time job? et cetera, et really have to take time to weigh your pros and cons and then decide which will work out best for you.

    i know it's not a definitive yes or no, but only you can decide that.
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    to add to what solitary said about pros & cons.........get a blank sheet of paper. Draw a big line down the middle. Left side list "pros", right side list "cons".

    Almost all of life's decisions can be made by doing this.
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    How much would you be making once you start paying for your own health insurance if that's not offered? I've met too many people on the loading docks of the companies I used to deliver to who regret not sticking with ups. It's a familiar story.. they used to work part time at ups, but quit to take a slightly higher paying full time job. They're still making relatively close to what they originally started at.

    I know a teacher who works part-time nights at ups. Several who own their own businesses in roofing, contractor, and lawn maintenance. Others have full-time jobs that work around the ups hours. Why? Benefits and a decent paying second job.

    You have your foot in the door of a very nice safety net in case things don't go as planned later down the road. I think it would be a huge mistake to throw that away for something that only offers more hours at this point. If it were me, I'd get a second part-time job or maybe an easy, lower paying full time job for extra money if I needed it.

    Whatever your decision is, make sure you're at peace with it. Good luck.