Got my first mailer


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I hope no one bids on these new article 22.4 jobs that there gonna force on us. So their basically gonna take away RPCD and implement this?

You do realize that when nobody bids them they get a free pass to hire outside right? Outsiders with 0 loyalty to the union!


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Here it is in a nutshell. Second class drivers will work Saturday and Sunday. But here’s the kicker. Mon and Tuesday, RPCDs will be running half the routes. If you are in the bottom half, you will be laid off on Mondays and tuesdays. If you work, you get twice as much area to run. Since UPS has no idea how to lower the stop count when your miles go up, you will have your 12 hour days every Monday and Tuesday.
And the 9.5 violations will kick in.


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I think this mailer may have backfired on them. Walk in today and heard/saw many people holding it and discussing how they think its BS.

The supplemental language for these 22.4 better be amazing from the uproar this little mailer seems to be causing.