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  1. moreluck

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    Our UPS driver was telling us today how Aliso Viejo is the test site for the GPS....the kind that tells if your bulk head door is closed, if you fasten your seat belt, etc. Not just the kind attached to the diad.

    I looked out the window and saw my hubby get in the truck and I had a flashback of him going back to work at UPS. He was just being shown the new system.

    Technology grows!
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    GPS is used primarily for navigation, not seat belt and bulkhead door detection. My guess is UPS is installing sensors in the package cars to detect these various things and the data gets reported back along with the GPS data. IVIS and FDT have used sensors for quite some time now in tractors. Data is reported on things such as idle time, rpms, speed, etc. Feeder drivers - ever notice several clicks when you turn the key in the ignition but before the engine starts? That is all of the sensors being powered on.
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    Its called Telematics.

    If you look around, you'll see that UPS is starting to announce this.

    From what I've read and heard, it will record and report on Idling, harsh braking, speeding, seat belt use, backing, driving with the bulkhead open, and using the DIAD while traveling.

    It will also evaluate the vehicle engine for problems and tell the mechanic before a breakdown occurs.

    The device has a GPS installed (different than the DIAD GPS) and will help evaluate area trace and decisions on road. This is nothing new, since UPS has used GPS for analysis for over 15 years.

    Just work safely and honestly. Let the technology show that you are following proper methods.

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    It is really just that simple. Do the job, do it the way that you were taught to do it, do the best that you can, and you will have nothing to worry about.

    This new technology will most certainly separate the wheat from the chaffe (sp--Trplnkl, help me with what I am trying to say) and you will most likely see a few new faces at your PCMs in the next few years.
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    We just went live a few weeks ago. Guys are already getting warning letters for taking 5 extra minutes on lunch. Here we go.... :anxious::surprised:
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    Can they really prove he was stealing time and not sorting his truck?
  7. The Brown Santa

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    No, but I think it's being used more for intimidation. Time will tell how this works out. I asked about sorting and was told that with PAS/EDD there is no need to sort. I almost pee'd my pants. :lol::thumbup: Today was so bad that everything that is usually pal'd to the first section, was in the 8000 section. Thanx to EDD my paychecks have been getting bigger and bigger! Go IE! :wink2:
  8. IE has nothing to do with it. My guess is that your center manager is probably not giving your dispatch supervisor enough time and/or training to put together a good dispatch plan. If IE had their way there would be someone in every centers dedicated to producing a good dispatch. The problem is that center managers can't keep their hands off the dispatch sups and don't give them time to do their job properly.
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    A warning letter for "appearing" 5 minutes too long on lunch is not appropriate.

    They should be focused on safety items and blatent discrepancies (going off area for lunch, taking way too long for lunch, recording stops when not at the stop, etc.)

    How is your center doing on safety elements and idle time. That's supposed to be the main focus.

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    I just hope this new GPS gizmo can show drivers overlapping each other. Talk about a waste, how about driver 1 going from A to B to run 15 stops. Driver 2 goes from B to A to run 15 stops. Driver 3 runs 15 stops in both A and B. Driver 4 runs air in area A while driver 1 is running ground.

    Seems to me the PDS sup should be fired for stealing time because he sure as *ell wasn’t doing his job.
  11. dilligaf

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    That's funny!!!!!!!!!!
  12. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    Oh Bull!! We have a ft sup working on the sequences and doing the dispatch and it still screws up. In my opinion it has something to do with grabbing a day from the past, then whatever mistakes made that day are repeated such as things palled wrong, I've had my bulk for walmart palled to the 1500 area 3 times in the last month.

    They say oh no that can't be the reason, we can only save them for 11 days, well when they use them again that starts a new 11 days right?

    It seems changes we've submitted and have been made in street and address sequences just disappear for some reason after they had been there for awhile, in addition to the screwy pals.
  13. pretzel_man

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    No... Has nothing to do with grabbing a day from the past and pulled wrong then. In fact, when they are doing the planning now, they can see the actual deliveries coming to the center based on current pickups and customer uploads.

    If I were to guess, your supervisor has multiple plans. He / she probly made an edit to one plan and didn't copy that change to the others.

    He / she should be able to show you your route on a map, what sequences are assigned to your route, the trace, and where in the car each is loaded.

  14. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    You are hilarious!!! They don't even have all my streets on their crappy out=dated map. No, they can't see deliveries come in, you are living in some kind of cyber world not the real world we are working in. He tells me or my loader that I'm real heavy with walmart for the day like 90 pieces and I end of with 30. You have no clue!!
  15. pretzel_man

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    You can choose to believe what you like, and I'm glad you think I'm funny.

    Its called EPD. It stands for electronic package data. Its in the system. I've seen it, used it, and worked with supervisors on how to improve their plans with it.

    Maps are there. Some are better than others, and sups can add "areas" to the maps to improve them.

    Again, choose to believe me or not...

  16. Coldworld

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    why is is that ups can put so much time and effort into these other ventures, but they cant give a few minutes of time to make sure our customers get their deliveries around the same time each day. How about go out and use the gps on fedex, maybe round up some more business, they want us to be the front line on volume, but then treat folks like s$it, so counterproductive. It comes down to them not giving a crap about the customers...period, they are making this very clear right now. Fedex and dhl suck, if they were top notch, and servicing the customers better than us, then all this stuff going on now would stop. They make such a big deal about pickup times, why are we delivering a business at 10 one day and 3 the next, because routes are cut...oh well, maybe a few more customers need to leave us before someone gets a clue.
  17. upsdude

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    PDS sup claims changes to the plans can’t be made across the board. He claims each plan has to be manually changed and he doesn’t have time for that.

    I know what you’re thinking P-man, forget it, this guy listens to No One. Not the drivers, his fellow sups or his manager. He will literally give 4-5 drivers pieces of 4-5 neighborhoods. There’s no telling how much this guy is costing UPS in added fuel cost alone, not to mention additional OT.
  18. trplnkl

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    Metaphor probably correct (not positive what you were trying to say), one too many letters. Chaff= 1 : the seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed in threshing grain 2 : something comparatively worthless.
  19. pretzel_man

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    I'm sorry that you're in that situation and I've heard this before from PDS'. I agree with you that an attitude like was expressed to you is costing UPS a temendous amount of money.

    I've challenged those supervisors and managers that gave me those answers before and in every case have proven them wrong.

    Done properly, the dispatch is easy to maintain, analyze and update.

    I've found that too many supervisors blame the system rather than take the time to understand it and do the job properly.

    Of course, this means that the manager and division manager have to give them time to do their job and make the needed updates.

    I've often gone to review with a PDS, but ended up having to have a discussion with the division manager on giving them the needed support.

  20. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    The ie guy who implemented pas in our center "added a map" He drew some squiggly lines out to the side and said it was such and such streets; result? I was going back and forth and in circles until I took over 3 hours coded as am meeting to plan it all out on multiple full pages for the dispatcher to change. Now most of it is gone, why?

    PAS is a disaster, it causes service failures (bad pals), poor service (business deliveries after 6:00 pm) ( businesses never know what driver or what time to expect), miles thus fuel costs are a joke, overtime costs (sort, meet to exchange misloads, or run misloads)

    I honestly believe with the service level we are providing now there may be no UPS in the future if something doesn't happen to get a handle on this mess.