Great Spouses


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I read barnkats post on what all she does for her husband as he is trying to get used to this job. I have a wonderfull wife that always has my dinner waiting for me when I get home. She also has my uniforms ready every day and doesn't expect much during the week knowing how we can get home anywhere form 5:30 to 10:00 pm. She is an incredible woman and I love her very much, we get praise for what we do, putting up with the crap from management and the long hours etc, etc. etc... Now people tell us of your spouses how much they do for you, how they make this job easier for you.


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Sorry your wife could'nt "hack it". I too have a great wife who provides everything for me...laundry, dinner you name it. I'm in management. I can't tell how many different types of operations I've worked, Hub, Center, Preload and how many different buildings, some far from home. Most times my assigments came with little notice...go there tomorrow..No doubt we all sacrifice ourselves and our family time, but we do provide a good living to them. Basically you have two choices, take it or leave it. It is all about your attitude. Go start your own business and see how many hours you will need to work. Believe me, I have quit many times, only to re-hire myself by the time I got home.


have quit many times, only to re-hire myself by the time I got home.
HA! too man... many times.
I have a good wife too.She makes a lemon pepper chicken meal to die for,the best spaghetti in the world and she puts
up with me.And to quote Lynyard Skynyrd"she picks me up
when I`m feelin` blue,now how `bout you....


My wife also does a terrific job supporting me and helping me deal with all the whining, crying and crap from the hourlies.


My wife also does a terrific job supporting me and helping me deal with all the whining, crying and crap from the hourlies.

Bob? this thread is about loving wives,why bring us into it?

What is the best remedy for say ,terminating an employee with 10 years in,3 kids?
A nice back rub?


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there is nothing better knowing that you have a wife that cares about you. my wife would get up everyday and make my breakfast for me. not just ceral but eggs and toast, or panckaes. you get the idea. at nite like you said supper would be there for me no matter what time i got home.

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I have the best support system waiting for me when I get home. My husband is the best, he has the kids from 4pm till I get home. So that means he has to find something for dinner then homework and bath time. Our children are still young so they need help with almost everything they do. The most important thing that works for us is communication on what is going on with our family.


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Wth out her I would have thrown in the towel a while ago. I dont know how she does it.In my mid fortys been driving less than 1 year. Its rough


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I have a great husband.
He cooks
he cleans
he fixes everything
he makes the coffee
he feeds the dog
(He is not allowed to do laundry)
He gardens
tears down stuff, puts new stuff back up
fixes my trucks
builds motorcycles
keeps my hot rod running
loves my kids and grandkids
supports me in everything I do
helped me take care of my Mom and Dad when they were ill
And he puts up with me I dont have a clue why.

And now hes on his Way to TX to help my son put a cement floor in his garage.
im not sure how Ill get along without him.
(hes not sure either)


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What a great thread.

My wife put up with my 25 years as UPS, first as a driver but mostly in management. She raised our five kids. Worked nights as an RN when I worked days and days and when I worked nights, before the kids came along and when the kids were older. She suffered through some long hours and weeks while I was busy at work. Pulled up stakes and moved a couple of times when the company said it's time to go. Even understood one time when I worked one Christmas eve that fell on Sunday. Couldn't ask for more understanding or help. Now it's my turn to pay her back. We leave tomorrow for a cruise around the world. She won't cook, clean, make the bed or lift a finger to work for 3½ months. She sure deserves it.

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You don't mention whether he has a job that he is expected to be at 8-11 hours a day/5 days a week.

Yes my husband has a demanding/dangerous job but, it just so works out that his hours are better than mine. I don't ask much out of him other than help the kids and I will try to get the rest done when I get home. In other words I'm like Tooner, he is not allowed to any laundry unless it's his work clothes. :lol:


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Ok. Just had to post about my great spouse who works for UPS. DoubleStandard is his name. I`m very lucky because he gives me shoulder and back massages on demand. He pays most of the bills with his great :laugh: pay from UPS. He always thinks of me first, even when we`re out and I want a hot chocolate from Tim Horton`s. He`ll always go in and get it for me. There are many other little things he does that deserve hugs. I think I`ll keep him.


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While many of you have responded with with praise and respect for your wonderful spouses, and how fortunate you are for having such a loving and understanding spouse, there is someone who regularly posts in other threads but hasn't posted to this particular thread.

His post in another thread (on relaxing after a day at UPS) where he posted that he drinks a pint of whiskey and beats his wife to relax shows how deeply he cares for her and how great a spouse she is.

If a prize were to be given for the greatest spouse of a UPSer, the wife of trickpony would win hands down simply for staying married to him.


I`m sticking with animals they are always happy to see you when you come home. They don`t bitch about not having enough $ or wanting to barrow the car. And the cost for there happiness is a bowl of food or a treat ! :-)