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  1. mikeb

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    i work with a fellow driver who has been with ups over 20 years and claims he has never filed a greivance! this sounds almost impossible. does anyone know of a ups lifer who just takes there crap and never files a greivance, perhaps too afraid to upset mgmt?
  2. upsgrunt

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    I can name several at my center alone- me included. It seems to me that the retribution is not worth the hassle. Believe me, there will be retribution.
  3. rod

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    Oh come on- UPS without a half dozen grieviences filed every week by the troops would NOT be the UPS I knew. Sounds like somebody is running scared. Over 9.5 grieviences were a dime a dozen.:)
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    I have worked at two centers. One was run very much by the contract with management not handling packages, they didn't drive out left-in-building stuff and there were utility drivers that worked on a regular basis. More work for the hourly. I now work at a center that is totally the opposite. No one files grievances at all. Our past shop steward was in the center manager's pocket. When you got written up and he was in the office to "defend" you it was a joke. No one even knew what the contract said and UPS would encourage it by belittling the Union. We recently voted in a new shop steward with cojones sooooooo big..... Times they are a changing.
  5. AirDriverAmy

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    I've been with UPS for almost 1 year and I have not filed a grivance .
  6. Mr Shifter

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    Don't be intimidated if it has to be filed file it!

    I've had to file one once and saw a 360 from management and their anti union practices towards me. Sometimes you have to fight paper with paper. If you steward seems to kiss managements ass when you are in a meeting its usually just a front and when you talk with your steward one on one they will tell you how to REALLY handle the problem. Just let the steward do his job and jab at management and try to convince them with leniency towards you.
  7. tieguy

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    Grievances and warning letters are sometimes tools to piss the other side off. There are times when a grievance is no more then a communication tool. Using a sports event as an example its kind of like calling the referee in to make a call. I don't think it should be a weapon just like I don't think the warning letter should be one. When it aids the ability of getting both sides to sit down and discuss a controversial issue then its a powerfull tool. I'm sure thats not always the intent behind it.
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    I have been with ups 15 years and I have never filed a grievance. I work hard, do my job, expect to be treated fairly, usually am. If I feel I am not, I will confront the person, and it has always worked out. I am in feeders, but as a package driver, my dispatch was good 95% of the time, and the times it wasnt, I dealt with it.
  9. Fishbulb

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    in my short time i've found that management is very vindictive but everyone has their breaking point where enough is enough & a grievance is the only way to get your message across to them that they're treating you unfairly
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I just wish people would stop running for bonus and start filing for over nine fives. But until then....enjoy beating yourselves up.
  11. Big Babooba

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    In our center, UPS is always paying grievances for supervisors working. Supervisor working = easy money.
  12. browned_out

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    I've been with Ups for 18 years, have only had to file one grivence and it had nothing to do with Ups or management. I had a preloader who was very negative towards most people, it got pretty bad behind the truck some days with this guy giving us poor loads just to mess with us. We would write him up on the old blue cards and he would challange us the next morning. All attempts to correct the situation either between us or with management involed failed, so I filed a grevance to have this guy taken off our drop.
  13. brownman15

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    i don't run or make bonus but i do work over 9.5 there are people that want and need the overtime so unless you want to be in under 9.5 and ups does not accommodate you then file 9.5 grievence that what it is intended for
  14. over9five

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    "I had a preloader who was very negative towards most I filed a grevance to have this guy taken off our drop."

    What article did management violate by putting one of their own employees to load your car?
    Which article did they violate? I don't understand how a greivance fixed this.
    What did the Union say when you effectively filed against another Teamster?
  15. HazMatMan

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    Ending your sentence should be the word "YET"
  16. RockyRogue

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    I've been with UPS almost two years all told between two stints. I've NEVER filed a grievance. I've waved the grievance card and its usually enough to stop the provoking behavior. The provocative behavior has been getting worse lately, though. Maybe its time to throw a grievance on the table. I'm not looking forward to the firestorm that would set off :sad:. -Rocky
  17. satellitedriver

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    Lets see,
    1/2 dozen = 6
    a dozen = 12
    a dime = 10cents
    12 divided by 10cts = 1.2 cents
    6 times 1.2cts = 72cents
    Not alot of money these days.
    But, I am old enough to remember when you could go to the movies for 15 cents. A Coke and a bag of popcorn set you back another 10 cents.
    Sadly, the 9.5 grieviences have about as much value as they did back then.
  18. jlphotog

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    I have not filled a grievance yet. Although I did half threaten to at one point.

    This one day, around 11:30 I got a message on my DIAD that I needed to help a cover driver doing the route next to mine. This was on a busy day. I sent a message back that if I did I would not have time for lunch. I got a message back saying don't worry we will code five you. I replied to that message by saying, I don't want a code five, I want my lunch. The return message to that was, this is coming from a supe and needs to be done. I replied to that by saying Tell the supe I don't appreciate being told I can not take my lunch. I never heard another word about it and took my lunch.
  19. 705red

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    We file 9.5s every week probably 30 to 40 a week and everyone oof them gets paid their double time for it, and usually ups trys to balance the work out a little better, but they also try and stick it to you 2 days a week so you just have to get that 3rd day at 9.51 to put some more money in your pocket.

    I have a driver now whos scared to file for it even though we are all getting paid, guess what hes now getting more work from us so until he files he will be out there at time and a half.

    When it comes to filing grievences i always talk to the grievant and it is usually a last resort. You have to ask yourself is it worth it? How many times have we tryed working in good faith over a payroll issue only to have it drag out for weeks, now if you file that grievance immediately you are entitled to half your guarantee per week, now thats a grievance that should be filed everytime.
  20. local804

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    UPS does not use retaliation tactics ever!