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  1. I know you have 10 business days to file a grievance but I will be going out of town for 2 weeks. does my vacation time count towards the 10 days or is it on hold until I report back in 2 weeks? could not find a blue sheet anywhere tonight to file and I just wanted to get home and start my vacation.

    thanks in advance
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    You " just wanted to get home & start (your) vacation"? Maybe your steward should make"house calls" or have an "automated line". That's why things are the way they are when it comes to people saying the Union is "weak". YOU ARE the "Union", the the BAs or stewards! It's a shame that it was an "inconvenience" for you to file a grievance & keep the company in line. Just don't blame the Union when things don't go your way. Have a nice
  3. I still plan on filing Royal, just wanted to know if I can wait until I get back in 2 weeks. I did try to get a grievance form before I left for an hour but everyone was out and no stewards around. the "inconvenience" is that I did not have a form to file tonight.

    so do you know the answer to my question? does the 10 days count when there is a vacation?
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    10 days is 10 days.
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    First it depends on the grievance as to whether you have 10 calender days or 5 working days. All discipline related grievances have 10 calender days, not business days. All other grievances have 5 business days to file. The answer to the question is as stated above, 10 days is 10 days. Because your on vacation means nothing. If it is for discipline you have 10 calender days to grieve it or whatever the discipline is you have accepted. Lets hope it's not a pending term as you will no longer have a job after 10 days!!

    I do not understand why every member does not keep at least a couple grievance forms in your locker for things like this. Plan ahead!!
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    Grocer, in a case such as this, couldn't the OP have simply handwritten his grievance on a plain piece of paper, put it in the steward's slot and asked him to transfer it to a grievance form and submit both the grievance form and the handwritten grievance so as to be within the 10 days?
  7. thanks gr. I do plan on keeping extras from now on.
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    Possibly. I don't think there is any contractual language about what the grievance is written on.
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    Yes, in a case like this.

    Also, a person is able to fax directly to the hall if no form, steward or representative is present, stating the circumstances and why the direct fax. Such fax is also legal from company premises. If you don't have access to such at home or on your way home, do it before you go home if these conditions are present again.
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    Check your supplement for grievance language specific to you.

    Do have a high quality shop steward to deal with?

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    I have emailed many grievances directly to my BA. He emails to Syracuse. No problem. Within 10 calendar days.

    Something to think about: If the grievance isn't important enough to file quickly, why would the company take it seriously?
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    That's a little harsh why not offer constructive answers instead?