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  1. Hangingon

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    I've recently been written up for failing to follow instructions (not making 9.5) and have been told that the next step is a suspension. I'm about 1.2 over on my route (same route for the last 20 years) and used to be able to work with them. I.E. They'd give me 190 which is about 8.3 but I'd make 9.5.

    I have a new sup that has decided I need to go out with at least 9 hours and make 9.5. I'm doing all the proper methods and have requested ride alongs in case he can show me where I might be losing time but he has refused up to this point.

    Our center has a new shop steward who is not sure what I can file the grievance on, and I can't find anything in the NMA that really pertains. Any ideas?
  2. Jd10041981

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    what's there reason for not giving u a ride long?
  3. browned out

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    Don't take any short cuts. I have been told if you go over 9.5 and run more than an hour over; red lights are set off. Who cares. Follow the methods and do everything by the book. If you are doing everything by the methods, not stealing time, forging signatures, etc. You should be ok. There are alot of bad time studies at UPS.

    We have drivers in our center making close to 3 hours bonus. Are they telling us hour over guys that these drivers are 4 hours better than us. Please.

    Ask for a 3 day ride and tell them to bring a video camera. It would not be a bad idea to document everything you can.

    Only 10 years to go. Good luck.
  4. Billy

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    Article 37 (d) No employee shall be disciplined for exceeding personal time based on data received from the DIAD/IVIS or other imformation technology.
    that article also covers harassment which can be filed too if it continues. The union does not recognize their fictitious numbers. They recognize a fair days work for a fair days pay. Which adding more and more work to a route while secretly taking away time is not. How that's not stealing I don't understand. There's no grievance to write ~vs~ their numbers because they are not recognized, but there is against harassment.
  5. 705red

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    Since you had an understandning with the previous sup and now this one wants to be a knucklehead, file 9.5s also. At least get triple time paid for thoose hours and the extra BS.
  6. browned out

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    Come on now; you understand when UPS steal time;it is rewarded. When a driver even appears to be costing time or running over; harassment and discipline is their reward.

    you already know this; i'm just stating the obvious.
  7. soberups

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    "9.5" is a meaningless number unless you file a grievance to be relieved of the excessive overtime.

    If they want you in under 9.5 then call in every day at 9 hours, tell them how many stops you have left, and ask them to decide whether you should go ahead and deliver them or bring them back and sheet them as missed in order to meet their deadline.

    What you are experiencing is nothing more than a new form of production harassment. All they are really trying to do is to get you to skip your lunch and work off of the clock in order to meet a "standard" that they have intentionally rigged to be unfair.

    The underlying problem is the rigged allowance. They know it; they have no intention of fixing it; so they are trying to intimidate you into working off of the clock. This is standard operating procedure for UPS, and always has been.

    Just do your job safely and by the methods. If you are going to be "over 9.5" then call in and put the ball into their court. If your sup is unsatisfied with your level of production then hand him the keys and ask him to safely demonstrate the SPORH he expects you to maintain.
    My guess is that, rather than admitting that his expectations are unreasonable, he will simply move on and find a different employee to harass.
  8. dave991

    dave991 Lead, don't follow.

    Never call in, send all questions and answers via ODS on the diad. Then you can request (daily) your ODS printout, which they have to give you, at least in my contract book they do. This way you put the onus on them, you get written confirmation, and will be absolved of all punishment if you just follow their directions.
  9. KingofBrown

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    If you've been working 20 years like that, they can't come one day and say you have to do it different. if the route requires you to do such hours they can't change that if they don't do something to adjust your hours according with your amount of work. tell your union steward that you can aslo file a grievance even if it is not in the contract. i would say that you can use the "past practice" grievance. they can't just come one day and try to change the way you've been working for 20 years. a past practice grievance might work. i've read real better comments here, but an extra idea is always welcome isn't it?
  10. 705red

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    I would file a rebuttal letter on the warning explaining that you are unclear on what instructions you are failing to follow. I would file a grievance under article 37 for intimidation and harassment against the sup. How can he write you up and make it clear in asking what should you do. Have the steward ask the sup what does he want you under 9.5 or the route delivered because he cant have both its obvious. And CYA
  11. grgrcr88

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    Ask them what methods you need to improve to get you under 9.5? When they have no response then ask them how exactly you are not following instructions if they have none for you to follow.

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    9.5 grievances is the best way to hit them. They have to pay out money and that affects there #s. They cannot work you over 9.5 more than 2 days per week after that file for everyday. You have to tell them then go down to the union office and file. As red said go to article 37 in your contract(I think its page 172 but dont quote me). I read that one to my co workers all the time. It will tell you they are to conduct themselves to you. Make sure you work as instructed and follow methods very carefully cuz your on the radar. Also very important if you dont keep a journal of whats happening do so now. It will come in handy if they are harrasing you.
    They can try and fire you or suspend you or whatever they want but remember it has to hold up at panel and it will not hold up if they try and punish you for the over 9.5s.