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  1. fatherof4

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    I am a temp driver in NC. I have worked for about 6 weeks steady.

    I was forced to work the day after thanksgiving 9.5 hrs. When my pay came out They payed me for 8 hrs at air driver pay. (About 5.00 less than temp) and time and a half for 1.5.

    I was also paid for 8 hrs holiday pay at preload wages.

    When I questioned them I was told that sence we only drove air that I was paid as an air driver. But the other drivers were paid regular driver pay.

    When I asked about the holiday pay They said that I am still considered a part time employee and so I only got paid 4 hrs for thurs and 4 hrs for friday.
    and I only get preload pay 9.50 not the temp driver pay 17.28 I have been making for the last 6+ weeks.

    My thinking is I should have been paid 8 hrs at temp pay for thurs and 8 hrs temp for fri. Plus I shuld have been paid temp driver pay for friday not air pay.

    does anybody know if there is anything in the contract that will help me?

    I did go to my rep and he made a copy of my check to the center manager and he (the rep) told me we will have to grieve it.
  2. mpeedy

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    If you worked as a cover-driver Mon-Wed, you should be paid cover-driver wages for the whole week, even Thurs.
  3. fatherof4

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    Well I put in my Grievence yesterday. Now the on car sup says I'm suddenly not doing the route fast enough. I was 3 hrs over on a route that the regular driver has never done scratch he has always been 1 to 1.5 over. Plus I get a new preloader. The poor guy is trying but he gets flustered and stuff is all over the place. My sup says I'm spending too much time sorting during the stops. We start at 10am and have between 90 and 105 to have off before 5pm. I always make itT but I'm still too slow. Then I can start my house stops.
  4. speeddemon

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    You cant be fired for production. PERIOD. You need to keep good documentation of everything that happens. This makes it much easier to file a harassment grievance.
  5. badpal

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    My friend as the years go by you will learn at ups that for every action there is a reaction
  6. trickpony1

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    .....maybe so but does that mean that we, the hourly, have to hide in the shadows, tuck our tail and suffer through actions that are clearly retaliatory such as being told you're not doing your route fast enough immediately after filing a grievance for what is rightfully yours?

    Let's just step back to the days of being tied to a tree and horse-whipped. I'm sure the company would like that.
  7. redo

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    If you really believe that you're foolish.

    You can't be fired for production as long as you're appropriately productive.

    When you stop being appropriately productive you can and probably will be fired.

    There have been THOUSANDS of Teamsters fired for being slugs over the years and I doubt it'll stop.
  8. koolhandkc

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    i agree with good documentation, and as for an employee being told by management about any poor performance, make sure they do it with union representation, or at least another non-management witness. if a comment is made on the sly or on the by-the-way. ask them to repeat or explain this comment in front of union or co-witness. our company has to understand that"bully policy"is not acceptable in any work place. and a cover or swing driver is not going to be as efficient as the normal driver. also most time allotments are eronious. the company has cut so much time out of our routes that it is laughable. i personally get beat by 1.5 to 2.5 hours daily. but i only stop for my lunch and breaks and i don't screw around. heck i barely slow up to answer my customers questions. and as for growing the business, who has time for a sales lead. so don't worry about the time, just give an honest days work for an honest days pay. and if you are being bullied, i suggest you involve your steward or some other outside force. you actually have more rights than you know. you have the right to not be harrassed, and you also have the right to question authority. ladies and gentlemen we are the company, and our founder even made comment that you get what you put into your people, mainly respect and dignity, just look at our historical website. so get involved and get it straight with your management. if they see you being proactive about how you are willing to be treated, they will back off, i guarantee it. they are only just management, not gods, and they are susceptable to the same policies and laws we are, including workplace harrassment and dishonesty.
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    Are you a temp driver for the holidays? If the answer is yes, tread very lightly with management. They can fire you without cause during the free period if you haven't yet obtained seniority. Hell.....this morning during our relief period, I heard that our ops manager canned this girl that worked the lines because she wasn't calling out her car numbers. She was a holiday temp.

    If you are not a temp, don't take any **** from anybody. The work we do at UPS is more than enough to keep us busy without having somebody ride our asses. If you feel as if you are being excessively supervised in retaliation for filing a grievance (I've been there), file another one and keep filing them just so the union can get these incidents documented.