Happy Valentine's day ! Plans?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. moreluck

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    Top 10 Romantic Nicknames
    Baby/ Babe
    Honey Bunny
    Love Angel
    Princess -
  2. rod

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    I think I'm going to puke
  3. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I was always moved by "It's a Wonderful Life".
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    Top Romantic Messages .........
    I miss the laughs I used to get from you.
    I miss the talks we used to have.
    And above all, I just miss YOU!

    To the world, you may be one person. But for me, you are my whole world!
    My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you always and forever!

    Sending you 1000 smiles, take one for now, and keep the remaining 999 under your pillow, pick out 1 every morning, because I want to see you smiling always.

    Falling in love with you was the second best thing in the world. Finding you was the first.

    When the time comes that I can't smile anymore, don't worry about me. I know what to do. I'll just stand in a corner and think of you.

    No one else can make me as happy as you. Set a place for me in your heart, not in your mind.

    The mind easily forgets, but the heart always remembers.

    I love you There are only two times that I want to be with you... Now and Forever.

    Loving you is like breathing...I just can't stop doing it.

    The only time I will not do it is when I am no more in this world! I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day that I find it is the day I will stop loving you.

    (you can borrow one of these to write in your card)
  5. moreluck

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    Top 10 Romantic Scents
    Scent of your partner
    Fresh flowers
  6. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    It'll probably be the usual flowers,candy, dinner,movie, drinking, and then crazy sex.

    I suppose I should figure out what to get her in return.
  7. moreluck

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    Top 10 Romantic Songs
    Don't Want to Miss a Thing

    Sung by the rock band Aerosmith, the song was taken from the Armageddon soundtrack and made its appearance at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the year 1998.

    Truly Madly Deeply
    A popular song of the year 1997, Truly Madly Deeply was sung by the Australian pop band Savage Garden. It is the third song in the band's debut album, titled �Savage Garden�.

    Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
    Written and sung by Bryan Adams, the song was listed in his album �Waking up the Neighbours� in the year 1991. It is also found in the soundtrack of the film 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' released in the same year.

    My Heart Will Go On
    The song is from one of the most popular romantic movies of all times - �Titanic�. Released in 1997, it is the theme song of the movie and has been sung by Celine Dion.

    Wicked Games
    One of the most romantic songs till date, 'Wicked Games' was sung by Chris Isaak. The song featured in his third studio album - 'Heart Shaped World' in the year 1989.

    Take My Breath Away
    From the 'Top Gun soundtrack album', 'Take My Breath Away' also featured in the movie 'Top Gun'. Sung by the band Berlin, the song was released in the year 1986.

    Come Away With Me
    Norah Jones, a pianist and singer, made a debut with the romantic track 'Come Away With Me'. The song was released in the year 2002, under the title �Studio Album�.

    I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
    'I Just Called To Say I Love You' was featured in the 1984 movie �The Woman in Red�. It was written, produced as well as performed by the renowned artist - Stevie Wonder.

    From This Moment On
    Sung by Shania Twain, 'From This Moment On' is the song that was listed in her multi-platinum album, 'Come on Over'. It was released in the year 1997.

    This I Promise You
  8. 8hour request and come home and spend time with the family. My daughter had some kind of surprise for my wife and I. I always get anxiety around this time because I don't know what to get my wife.
  9. oldupsman

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    I beat the system. I made sure we got married a week before Valentines Day(Feb. 7th). That way we go
    out to dinner the week before and escape all the madness. She's not expecting a romantic dinner 2 weeks in a row.
    Of course yesterday we had wings and beer. I can't help myself . I'm a sucker for romance.
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  10. moreluck

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    Valentine Day Jokes.....

    : What travels around the world but stays in one corner?
    A: A stamp.

    Q: Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable?
    A: Because it's all heart.

    Q: What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day?
    A: Forget-me-nuts.

    Q: What is a vampire's sweetheart called?
    A: His ghoul-friend.

    Q: Why did the banana go out with the prune?
    A: Because it couldn't get a date.

    Q: What happens when you fall in love with a french chef?
    A: You get buttered up.

    Q: What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine's Day?
    A: Ughs and kisses!

    Q: What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
    A: I find you very attractive.

    Q: What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?
    A: I love you a ton!

    Q: What did one pickle say to the other?
    A: You mean a great dill to me.

    Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?
    A: A Valentiny!

    Q: What did the light bulb say to the switch?
    A: You turn me on.

    Q. What did the boy bird say to the girl bird on Valentine's Day?
    A. Let me call you Tweet heart!

    Q. What did the boy cat say to the girl cat on Valentine's Day?
    A. You're purrr-fect for me!

    Q: What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
    A: Can I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand?

    Q: What did one snake say to the other snake?
    A: Give me a little hug and a hiss, honey.
    Q: What is a ram's favorite song on February 14th?
    A: I only have eyes for ewe, dear

    Q: If your aunt ran off to get married, what would you call her?
    A: Antelope.

    Q: What do farmers give their wives on Valentine's Day?
    A: Hogs and Kisses!

    Q: Do skunks celebrate Valentine's Day?
    A: Sure, they're very scent-imental!

    Q: Why is Valentine's Day the best day for a celebration?
    A: Because you can really party hearty!

    Q: What did the cholcolate syrup say to the ice cream?
    A: "I'm sweet on you!"
  11. moreluck

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    Tonight is our Valentine's dinner........

    We will also grill some colored peppers to go with the rib eyes. I already made an Asian cole slaw that's marinating in the fridge right now. Yummy !!
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  13. moreluck

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    Women, over the age of 25, don't want the 4 ft. tall Vermont Teddy Bear .
  14. rod

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    I wonder if that is part of the contaminated beef recall they are dealing with now.
  15. moreluck

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    They named a bunch of icky parts like tongue etc........I don't think great steaks were part of that.
  16. rod

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    I don't know what Vermont TB sells them for but I saw 4 ft. teddy bears at Home Depot (don't ask me why they have them) for $59.00 yesterday.
  17. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    They would only come in handy to put in the car so you can drive the HOV lane.
  18. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    I tried tongue once --- that was enough. Its like eating wet sand paper.
  19. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    chocolate covered strawberry |

    Four of these and I'm good !!!
  20. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    1/2 of this and she's real good!!!

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