Harassment, and being disciplined for misloads!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Jigglezz, May 29, 2012.

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    I work for a center in Pittsburgh, PA and the supervisors are harassing the hell out of the employees. New management walks around threatening to discharge employees for misloads, and is so bad they are also threatening to discharge supervisors. Are there any other centers having these problems?
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    If they fired the preloaders and preload supervisors for Misloads in my center they would have 100% turnover every day!!!
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    well then dont misload.... problem solved!
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    After so many times of sups yelling, threatening you, it gets hard to concentrate on what you are doing. My un loader gets yelled at about every 10 minutes to hurry up. I am lucky to get the lables right at his pace. When he gets flustered, lables are wrong, and I have to stop the belt..which takes longer. I don't think the time limit is unreasonable, but the fact that they don't take into account of irregs, qvc trailers..and the age of the unloaders in these times is unfair. My sup threatened my whole bay a write up for not finishing in 40 minutes.
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    Take your time and put the right package in the right car. If that means you have to stack out the back of the cars so be it... You can stack out and get the right package in the right car or you can try to keep up with belt and have misloads. Play the game... Stop trying to keep up with the belt....

    and yes they can write you up and threaten to fire you for anything whether is sticks or not is another thing...
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    I think the first problem that needs to be addressed is the PRELOADERS lack of understanding of how the misloads affect the drivers days. The cost to correct those mistakes and the time wasted. Secondly, supervisors should be the first persons fired if the preload is consistently misloading.

    In most cases, misloads on a pen are systemic because of poor supervision. If the part time sups on the pens actually spent time auditing loads and catching misloads versus pulling splits, sorting, loading or shooting the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: with their fellow sups, the misload problem would go away.

    Instead, they dont catch the misloads nor do they address an individual preloader for his mistakes, they would rather threaten the entire crew at one time than actually take the time to do THEIR job.

    Misloads can ruin an entire package car drivers day. If that driver is forced to break his route to go to another area to deliver ONE package that the preloader misloaded, that could end up costing that driver anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours longer for the day.

    You think that driver wants his day extended because YOU the preloader FAILED to do your job correctly?

    Believe me, we dont. In my hub, misloads average 3.5 PER CAR PER DAY! Multiply that by 80 cars and you get 280 packages per day. That can destroy production in a package center.

    Preloader have to understand the EFFECT that they play on routes and other employees days, and every effort to make the preloader understand this upto and including discharge should be in order.


  7. rod

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    Get used to the yelling---thats all they know how to do when it comes to managing. Learn to block it out (whistle, hum, sing to yourself, imagine them in the nude, just smile - it drives them nuts).

    Just Smile and Wave Boys - YouTube
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    Sounds like a violation to article 37 section 1, file a grievance!
  9. UnsurePost

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    This is a bit short-sighted. I agree about sups auditing loads, but UPS and it's huge profits fail to see that, and work the bare minimum of supervisors, and it's impossible for that to occur.

    Secondly, have you never made a mistake? Yes one misload, ONE mistake can make or break YOUR day (selfish hourly), however that seems like a bit of a petty grievance , when you are making $46/hr on that misload, and that is probably close to 4x that of your average preloader.

    You're talking as though UPSs expectations of the preloader are reasonable. Preloaders are crushed with far more packages than are acceptable and have to deal with it. The expectations are asinine, much like yours, as a driver. If you have ever worked the preload you would know this.

    Fourthly, in most operations I have worked (several different preloads), there is often not one person doing a preload pull, but there can be helpers. Therefore it is impossible to ascertain who misload.

    On top of the previous issues, what about waking up at 1 or 3am every day? It can take a very serious toll on someones health, and certainly does for concentration. I suggest you check out any of the case studies on sleep deprivation and shift-work, I have done plenty of research.

    Beyond that, who's to say the PAS system is perfect? I've seen a number of cases where yes, the preloader was at fault for not double checking the label, but then again I have seen egregious errors that caused misloads that were not the fault of the preloader ( and yet were still assigned a "misload )

    Continuing on, who's to say UPS is telling the truth regarding the misloads ? We all know supervisors and management will lie and shift blame.. ;)

    ...Not to say any of this is going to change your mind, but it may reach someone else.
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    Imagining screaming sups in the nude is an art 37 violation.
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    Obviously you guys don't have EDD, it eliminates misloads and makes preload so easy, least that's what we were told. Also telematics is only used to monitor automotive issues with repairs and maintence.
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    Tell them to slow the belt down. Faster belt means more error. Show them this video which shows what happens when the belt is running to fast. Maybe you'll need to load fewer trucks. Tell them that.

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    LoL...EDD does not eliminate misload's bud, EDD is a manifest in the DIAD that show's the driver the stops he has in the order that they are supposed to be delivered according to the trace. As far as telematic's goes your wrong on that one too...telematic's is a tool that management uses to do virtual OJS's (a virtual ride opposed to an actual ride). It monitor's thing's like speed, bulk head door open or shut, seat belt on/off, play's back the driver's trace in order to make sure the driver is running his route safely and efficiently.
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    Hell, I would place every misload I could get my hands on in your car. It would be worth the write up. Just to see you do extra work. This is for The Other Sides comments.
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    Do yourself a favor and Google "sarcasm".
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    ^^^^It really is amazing how some people pick up sarcasm so easy and others just do not get it at all.
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    Please explain this post, I don't get it.
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    OTOH a faceless, anonymous internet message board does not allow the same expression and context as a real life chat.
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    Why can't UPS IT develop scanner technology that detects a mis-sort to a specific load at scanner level with a warning beep? About a year and a half ago, in my hub they started pings at a PC in the scanning office to catch misloads. The person working there would call out the missort to the sup and we were told to find it. We have to search the truck or can for the bad boy. It would save millions of dollars, time and hassles if the scanners got the ping immediately. We also got Next Generation Small Sort now. This cuts down on errors in small sort.
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    What is your miss load rate ?Ex 1 in how many packages you load. I can then tell you how much you need to worry