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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by badhab1, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. badhab1

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    Looks like we plan to play a little hard ball with Fed Ex. Lower rate increase than anticipated seems to be the catalyst for a C.S. downgrade on FDX. Long green is needed for this play and I don't personally feel FDX has deep enough pockets to play this game.
  2. robonono

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    FDX being hit really hard today - down $3.50 right now. Unfortunately it is dragging UPS down $.90.
  3. brown39

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    I'll take the initial hit today, but as these ANALysts FINALLY exam fdx operation stats and financials they will see the risk in fdx is REAL. I love the fact that they say UPS puts pressure on fdx !!!
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    Well said to what badhab and brown39 posted. Common on robo, you can spare a little loose change for a day or 2! LOL!

    BTW:Want to wish a happy thanksgiving to you and your families.
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    It my belief that UPS Stock decrease yesterday was 100% due to the analyst downgrade of FDX. I am very positive about us leveraging our network with UPS BASIC, our use of automated facilities on CACH and Lville, and UPS Stores for consumer interface. We who have been around for a while are looking at an entirely different UPS than even just a few years ago, more competitive, leaner, glolal, flexible, and information driven.

    Go UPS!
  6. rushfan

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    Yes now is the time for UPS to get some big brown Ba..s and play hardball.
    as Brown39 said this will make the ANALists to take a closer look at f-company.
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    Nice recovery today as the review continues. Looks like a solid move at this point particularly in market comparison with the purple gang. More offensive than defensive in this rate move I do believe.
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    Also noticed that one analyst set a new target of $85 which more analysts had a previous target of $80. Have not read the reason for the higher target but just wondering with some of the recent economic news that some believe the earnings will accelerate faster than UPS has projected? At least UPS appears very steady in the low $70 at present so this makes for a solid footing to push higher as the economy grabs another gear for some more acceleration. Even my 401k looking a lot better these days and in light of the current state of the union pension I'm sure gonna need it. LOL! Uh I'm laughing through my tears, trust me![​IMG]
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    As we all know, FDX has long been the darling of Wall St. I, for one, was glad to see some of the ANALists finally come down to earth a little with their downgrade of FDX. IMHO P/E ratios are good to watch for a current analysis and the long-term earnings potential is good for long range planning. With the release of the new rate increase for next year, if FDX follows suit, their long-term earnings potential does not look good. As badhab said, their pockets may not be deep enough to withstand that. Maybe then, UPS will look like a much better investment to the Wall St. boyz, and we all know what that brings.. Can you say Cha Ching .

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    Speaking of which, Last week I saw the 3 f-word company subsidiaries (ground, express, and home delivery) delivering to one building at the same time. What was bad was 3 f word trucks took 3 parking spaces. They weren't delivering much at all. It only took 1 ups driver (that was me) to do the same thing.
    I don't see how they could be possibly making money on such an inefficient system.
    Yes I'm interested in what rates they will come up with.
  12. j

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    Rush fan Ive also seen the 3 fed ex divisions, pedaling about 5 stops in the same area, I delivered 15 stops. In this situation our scale of economy has got to be killing them.
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    Wanna play??????????