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    Hi, In the last couple of days my manager and sup have unloaded a total of 6 trucks and so of course I filed a grievance. The night that I turned in the grievance I was hit with a warning letter for missorting packages I know I didn't missort and taken off of the safety and CERC commity because of those missorted packages. There were two other sorters on the metro but the TWO managers that " watched me missort the packages" say that they all were sorted by me. Im a good worker and havent had any missorts called on me until that day. Now their saying that their going to be watching me closely for missorts and yet I feel that even if I dont that ill have them called back on me anyway. Im not worried about missorting because I know what im doing but whats keeping them from taking a box off of one belt and saying I put it on another. How can I protect myself from this happening? Will they just keep giving me warnings until i get fired? I kind of feel helpless and harrassed all because I filed a grievence on him. What should I do other then my job because I feel like even doing my job the right way wont be enough.:anxious:
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    lol....I know what you mean......I did get my Stewart involved and he wasn't sure that they could do that but told me he would check into it....I dont understand, other then spite, why they would give me a punishment along with my first warning letter ever. How many warning letters = a write up?
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    Harrasment grievance, File it today. It's obviously retribution over the grievance, and it's unacceptable.

    I find it kinda amazing your steward can't handle this. Is he a new steward?
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    Hes not new.....He never told me I would be able to file a harassment grievance though....I wounder able him...does anyone know what article that would fall under? Im local 512.
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    this is exactly what i was talking about in the other thread

    ive seen guys file grievances, management harasses them to the point of making everyday a living hell to the extnt they end up quitting because of it

    the union dont give a sh**.....all they care about is gettin there dues

    im not anti union at all either, i use to be proud to be a teamster when i was at roadway....but we had stewards who were worth a damn and a business agent who got things done
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    every one told me that this is what they do to you when you file a grievance but I don't care im not going to leave and ill only use him to turn in my grievance if I have to. This sort of thing is just childish and pathetic.
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    Article 37
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    Thank you! My Stewart should let me read it over if asked right?
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    Here's Article 37. But I think it may be too early to file on harassment. You may need to give them a few more days/weeks for them to harass you (if they in fact continue) so your case will be clear cut.
    I'm not sure if management even has the power to remove a union member from the committee. . . .
    Retaliation for union activity is a violation of Article 21. . . .
    Retaliation is also a major Unfair Labor Practice which your Union can file charges on with the regional office of the National Labor Relations Board.

    In addition, UPS desperately needs employee and Union cooperation to legitimize the Safety Committees, in order to keep the Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors at bay. OSHA would not be pleased to see UPS abuseing their agreement.

    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    Thank you for your help and thanks to every one. Every ones been more then helpful and I do appreciate it! thank you!
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    Keep us informed, Yagy!
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    Listen to JON, he put the articles there for you and I also would file a grievance for your lost time from not being involved with the safety committee. The company does not tell us who serves on it!

    And DO NOT let them see that you are upset over this! If they see they are getting to you they win!!! And screw them! They violated the contract not you, so be glad that you stood up and told them they will not do your work! I wish I had more part timers like you by me!
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    I am surprised they would throw anyone off a safety commitee. We don't even have one in my department because no one will do it, seems to me out of spite.
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    Here is a novel idea.If you do not like the job the stewards are doing why don't you become one.The union does care because you and I are the union.I have heard the "target on my back harassement argument" so many times and my answer is always the same. You either speak up and file or suffer the injustices. If I worked with this fellow teamster, I would only be to happy to find the appropriate article "and all others applicable" and help him file a greivence "to make him whole" as others in this thread have suggested.
    We need to stand together and call out management on these violations because as I see it they are becoming more the rule and not the exception.

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    The only person that cares about you is you. The other day I heard greivances for four different employees. All of which had not been at UPS for very long. I think the highest seniority was five years. All were good grievances. Anyhow long story short. We paid the steward a hour overtime and all four grievances were dropped.

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    I have a better idea. Become management, make more money, and you can still do union work whenever you feel like it. Some of my part time sups started something called "brown up day". They dress like hourlys and do as much work as they can before someone notices who they are. Once they get caught they go into the office and change.
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    Ill let you guys know the out come and I know better then letting them know they have me......If I joined Management then Id have to lower my morals and integrity for the job and I wont do that....:wink2:
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    Once again you are wrong. At my day job I am a manager and do very well I might add. I also have to be a lot more creative than most UPS managers as my job and department's success depend on sales dollars and I am always judged by the bottom line and profitability. That is not very easy in our current economic enviorment. I have a large number of people who answer to me and have all the usual problems of managers.I treat those people with fairness and respect.
    I went to work at UPS part time several years ago when things were not as good for me and my family as they are now. I come from a blue collar background and believe sincerely in unions. The reason I became a steward is because I do care and never forget where I came from.When dealing with other employees or management I try to listen,be polite and fair.That is not to say I have not lost my temper,something that is regrettable to me. A certain sup in our location reminds me of you.
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    LOL ... funny even if it is true.