Has a supervisor ever straight up lied about you in order to get you in trouble? Share your stories here.

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in 40 years i never heard of anyone getting charged with perjury. you must have a lot of lawyers working in your building.


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I hear you. I'm not sure what it is with UPS in particular, but some of the sups they hire become completely deranged the moment they don a polo. I work a full time job ( and have worked multiple other part time jobs during my time at UPS) outside the company and I've never encountered the kind of antisocial behavior some supes display on a near daily basis. UPS corporate needs a major overhaul in their training and culture.
Maybe that’s why I’ve never had an issue with my supes, I’m coming from mental health. Deranged and antisocial is my forte. It’s all making sense to me now 🤣