Has the union ever really helped you or do they always side with Management


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The union helped me on multiple occasions but that is not the point. The union helps everyone . You need to read the history of the union movement. The union not only helps union members. They help everyone else in the private sector.

It wasnt that long ago that drivers were forced to work almost around the clock. Children worked in sweatshops.Small examples. What the unions did for everyone in this country is too much to list.

Fought for with blood and guts over a very long period of time and people like you take it all for granted and by doing that you are weakening the union.

Corporations/businesses are always trying to whittle away worker rights and they are slowly succeeding because of apathy.

good luck.
The word “weekend” was invented by the union. Should tell you how important they are.


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He doesn't know.

There are strict guidelines on when you can use the Locals credit card for food.
Yep and that was my point coming on anonymous message board throwing around accusations about improprieties is chicken:censored2: in my opinion. If his executive board and business agents are using funds improperly do something about it.