Hawaii ends universal child health care

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by sortaisle, Oct 19, 2008.

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    In Barrack Obama's birth state of Hawaii, they have ended their universal child health care system. This is the same type of thing that Obama wants to implement all over the country. The reason why Hawaii ended their universal system is that people were dropping their insurances that they paid for and instead got their kids on the free plan. It seems to me that it was inherently wrong to dump your paid coverage if you can afford it but with the economy the way it is, what were they thinking? The system had way to many holes in it. Apparently, Hawaii officially stated a budget short fall as the reason to cut the plan, but isn't that the case with just about every state in the union? This was poorly thought out and planned and if this is the type of planning Obama has in store for us if he gets elected, then I have serious doubts to his being ready to lead America IMHO.
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    CNN approved! LOL
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    I would think that a simple solution would be to implement an income scale adjusted for the number of children up to a maximum amount. This could be the same scale that is used to determine eligibility for public assistance (welfare) or food stamps. This would disqualify those who have the means to purchase this coverage on their own and would ensure that those children who really need this coverage get it and our emergency rooms would go back to treating actual emergencies and not be a clinic for those who cannot afford to go to a doctor.
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    I'm not to sure that would help either. I mean I know kids need to be insured, but using the same regulations and scale for welfare would just encourage more of the same problems we have with welfare.