Hayes to Direct UPS Public Relations, Hamilton Joins Annie E. Casey Foundation

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    UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced that Dale Hayes, a veteran UPS marketing executive with extensive experience in the world of e-commerce and new media, has been named to lead the UPS Corporate Public Relations Group.

    Hayes, 54, currently is the vice president of small business and retail marketing. He will move to his new position on Feb. 1.

    The current vice president of public relations, Lisa Hamilton, is assuming a position as vice president and executive fellow with The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the private charitable organization established in 1948 by UPS founder Jim Casey. The Foundation, which is not directly affiliated with UPS but was named in honor of Casey's mother, is dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States.

    A native of Burlington, N.C., Hayes earned a bachelor's degree in textile chemistry at North Carolina State University and a MBA with a concentration in marketing at the University of Virginia. He joined UPS in 1994 as a marketing manager, advancing through a series of jobs of increasing responsibility to become the vice president of electronic commerce and technology marketing. In that role, he helped expand and coordinate UPS's outreach to e-commerce shippers while marketing new technology solutions to support their online businesses.

    Hayes then became the vice president of brand and customer communications, overseeing all brand communications including advertising, direct marketing and interactive communications. Prior to assuming his current post, Hayes worked as the vice president of U.S. marketing.

    Prior to joining UPS, Hayes held management positions at British-owned The BOC Group, CIBA Geigy and FMC Corporation.

    "Dale has excelled in a wide variety of assignments for UPS, particularly in the role of helping the company do a better job of telling the story of its logistics capabilities to prospective customers," noted UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis. "He brings to Public Relations an extensive knowledge of UPS as well as great experience in the realm of new digital media and I look forward to his contributions."

    Hamilton joined UPS in 1996 and during her tenure in PR, "led the department through numerous significant milestones, including work on the launch of our new global communications platform," noted Christine Owens, senior vice president of communications and brand management. "The Annie E. Casey Foundation will benefit greatly from her broad professional experience and leadership."
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    Here's hoping to a successful transition for both these individuals. Public Relations and advertising are areas I have extensive knowledge in.

    I'll never forget a news story on the late local news in the NY metro area in the mid 90's (I believe it ran on then WOR channel 9). The consumer affairs reporter took up someone's cause regarding Next Day air charges, and receiving their ground and NDA's together. Well this UPS bozo was hemming and hawwing when all he had to say was, "That's how good our service is, if you (absolutely, positively- anyone remember this one?) need your package by 10:30 or ASAP use our premium service, otherwise use ground or a lesser service.

    Another person I'll never forget in this area is the "lady" who held the same (or similar) position during the strike in '97. On a network morning news broadcast on successive days she said we were "just truck drivers" then "our people are the best,hardest workers in the industry, and our customers love them" and yes I remember/know her name. Due to terms of service I won't say it.

    Anyway Mr. Hayes don't follow the above examples and you'll be just fine. Best of luck to you.