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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jay0695, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. jay0695

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    Hi so next week I'll reach my year and I wanted to know will I get insurance cards in the mail?do I have to sign up or is it an automatic thing? I sorry if this question sounds stupid but my hub is only about a year old too and when I ask the supervisor she pretty much tells me how should I know
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    You really should know this...
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    I got my cards 5 weeks before my year. 3 weeks before I got a bunch of forms to fill out and a paper that said not to use cards prior to what any supplement says for when benefits start
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    You've been there almost a year, and still don't have health insurance?? Do you missload alot?
  5. Brisket

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    I would say watch your mail for a big packet of info.
  6. jay0695

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    Is there a number I can call? The only thing I got in the mail was a packet about insurance and life insurance. There are a few others a week behind my hire date that are in the same boat.
  7. Brisket

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    Depends on if you are in a Teamcare area or not. It may help to say what area of the country you are in so you may get a more definitive answer ( other than asking stewie).
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    A friend of mine in preload has yet to to get anything for insurance, despite being here a year and 4 months. We are in 710.

    He doesn't need the insurance, so he hasn't said anything. But be aware that happens, apparently. I had to work a year plus 2 months since I came in as a seasonal.
  11. ManInBrown

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    Get with Stewart
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  13. Retiree

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    Sounds like you were a seasonal hire. Did you get cut after peak and rehired? If so, that is your new hire date.
  14. jay0695

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    No I stayed on. I had to do my yearly training a few weeks back and I asked when my hire date was and it was 11/15