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Hello, I heard through the grapevine that UPS closed the feeder division at the Palatine Hub outside Chicago. If so thats 75 Feeder Jobs Gone. Is this true?


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Makes perfect sense to me. When UPS is moving off the rails as they tighten transit lanes because FedEx is beating us to many places by a day, it just makes absolute sense that they would shutdown an entire Feeder Division.

Lord, what will next week's rumor be?


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wkmac said:
Makes perfect sense to me. When UPS is moving off the rails as they tighten transit lanes because FedEx is beating us to many places by a day, it just makes absolute sense that they would shutdown an entire Feeder Division.

Lord, what will next week's rumor be?
New uniforms comming out this fall, green pants, yellow shirts and a pink bow tie.The tie is just for TIE of course.


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I know of a railyard that shut down which created about 50-60 feeder jobs in a nearby state. It's my understanding that a railyard in a neighboring state to the west may shut down also which would, again, create many feeder jobs in that area. This is being done because, as you say, to speed up our transit times to compete with other shipping companies.

The rumor that stated this thread was that a facility in Chicago is shutting down a big feeder dept. Again, I ask, who is pulling those loads?

An even bigger question is: as nationwide as BrownCafe is, and I truly applaud
Cheryl for her efforts, why hasn't someone knowledgeable in the Chicago area posted to this effect and, the feeder grapevine being what it is, why haven't other feeder drivers in nearby states heard of this? News of this nature would travel fast.

I don't think the company would benefit from closing down a large feeder dept. simply for the logistic nightmare it would cause as well as Chicago being a union stronghold that would raise nine kinds of hell.


Last time i looked at my long nose international it was still painted all brown ? They also just purchased a whole bunch of new trucks in the south so that original post doesn`t make financial cents !!!!


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Mine is still all brown too except were the bugs have impacted which is beside the point.

There's only two things that can happen here:

1) The rumor is false. somebody thought it would be cute to get everyone stirred up. what's the company gonna do with the ripple effect this causes when that many feeder drivers bump into somewhere else? Can/will the company rely on the famous scab contractors to get the job done?

2) the rumor is true and the company chose to strike right in the heartland on the teamster's ivory tower for the sheer psych-ops shock value.

I personally think it's not gonna happen but then the company has been known to "experiment" and do some really stupid stuff.


From experience in feeder in the north illinois district. they closed bedford park and moved 100 jobs to cach 705 and 710. they ripped the heart out of jeff st about 100 jobs moved to cach. all they do is consolidate planned days and have drivers from say addison or cach move the loads,


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I can't see any Feeder jobs cut down here. This past year, we have had about fifteen guys out of my Center alone have gone into Feeder, thats about everybody thats wants to go. We got so many new faces in Package, I don't know their names. We have had Feeder School in my Hub everyday.

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My guess would be along the lines of rckfrd98 thinking, the probably just re-domiciled the jobs to CACH be able the better control the heart of the feeder department. Plus I heard that CACH is now considered its own district so they will not be posting feeder school bids in the other Chicago area buildings for the purpose of filling feeder jobs out of CACH. Will have fellow driver ask the driver from CACH he meets about the status of the feeder division at Palatine. As for Local 710 we have 30 plus contract loads a week that come from CACH, but are told we don't have a grievance here because the work is originating from there (they are dropping the ball or maybe too busy filling their own pockets under the table). Wildgoose we still have over 12 cab-overs in service here one of which is a Volvo.


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CACH is it's own region.... (That has GOT to be a scary place, too many high level management in much to close proximity)


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Especially rumors from a thread started over a year ago!!!
One of these days I'm going to make it a habit to check when things are posted on here:oops:I bet there has been a hundred thousand new "feeder rumors" since a year ago : )


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I heard a rumor that under next contract our raise would be split before and after Christmas to save some cash on overtime during peak season. I also heard 804 wasnt going to get the whole raise, they would get .10 cents less than the rest of the country.
Thank God these are just rumors.....

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I heard a rumor that UPS was going to start treating all their employees( mgmt and hourlys) with respect and dignity, they were going to increase the pension and reduce the cost of insurance for retirees.:wink2: