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  1. slyguy

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    Does your center turn the heat on in the winter time? Please respond with center and state or province? Thanks
  2. wvbrown

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    West Virginia YES 65* for sort 60*unoccupied
  3. ukworker

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    United Kingdom, only the offices are heated. In the warehouse its brass monkey weather right now. 8 celsius today the highest its been since Christmas.
  4. fups

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    Memphis, TN here.. and they did turn the heat on upstairs on the catwalk..oh yeah we have an automated hub...lol, but it only keeps the 3 or so people upstairs warm and the peeps on the floor are cold as ice. BUT you know its just blowing out cold air now for about 6weeks and we already put in a work order for it but,,,,,, its UPS. so no heat here
  5. dannyboy

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    Well now, If you want them to HEAT your work area, then I want heat in my 1000. AND while your at it, heat for my tp60. And while we are at it, Air would really feel good during the summer. And since I have seniority over you, I guess I come first.[​IMG]
  6. upslocal480

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    In our center anyone not wearing at least 3 layers of clothing and a beanie hat is in for a chilly night. Unless you are a sup or clerk.
  7. slyguy

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    Wow! It's a no heat cult. Look up in your state or country what the minimum levels should be in a warehouse not a refrigerated or freezer warehouse.

    Turn on the heat UPS, pay sorters .50/hr more for no heat or provide all warehouse sorters with the proper clothing including work gloves.

    Demand after asking, make February your deadline for the center manager.
  8. fups

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    proper clothing???? what do you think this is FEDEX??? you think they care how cold it is ... hell its warm in the office ain't it?? enough said.

    part-timers= no heat or ac
    drivers= no ac
  9. tieguy

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    Looks like the whiners are starting to invade the board. Would any drivers like to ask for more heat on their routes?
  10. fups

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    whin?? who is doing that??? not me.... if you're working hard enough then you don't need heat right?.... i'd probably load half of you guys in a truck anyways,unload or sort or pickoff or whatever.
  11. upsdude

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    "Looks like the whiners are starting to invade the board. Would any drivers like to ask for more heat on their routes?"

    You kidding me????
    35 degrees today, 8 inches of snow on the ground, I had to drive around with the right door open all day. The darn heater in the newer trucks is way too powerful. Tell ya what Ill do, when I return to the building Ill open both doors, crank up the heater to full speed and park as close as I can to the sort isle.
  12. dammor

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    It's a cold/hot job. That of course depending on the time of year. Prepare for it you will survive. I remember years ago when it was so cold I thought I would surely die. It was the day we got our Christmas turkey. (The $1,000 bonus was much better) I finally got home and was getting out of my car and dropped my still frozen turkey on my still frozen foot. It was a bad day. Since then my foot has thawed and I sure as hell ate the turkey. Life goes on guys..
  13. slyguy

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    Wow, money rules some of your worlds and I guess $20+ us/hour is pretty good for a job in the USA.

    Unions were created because of the poor treatment, conditions and pay for workers. When a company makes millions in profits like UPS there's no need to turn off heaters to save money. Employees who accept this practice must have been through some military training or are lacking some judgement skills.
    What I really saying is for UPS to get some technology like automatic doors and keep the heat at 10 Celsius or 50 Farenheit. This is an acceptable working temperature for all sort and drivers involved. As for air conditioning in vehicles like the southern states, your just plain crazy too work in the heat for the same pay as others in the rest of the states who have for seasons and heat in their trucks for the winter.
  14. johnny_b

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    It's in the new contract. They have to provide minimum levels of heat in the hubs and centers.

    Article 18, section 6 -> Centers will be heated, where practical.

    On a facility-by-facility basis, the Employer will evaluate whether additional ventilation or heat is needed for purposes of safety and health. This will include clerical work areas outside of office structures in the UPS facilities.

    The underlined is new language, so most of it is in the old. It is very weak language, but any good union would get your center/ hub heat. Mine is always pretty warm (don't know the degrees).

    By the way (8 degrees C * 9)/5 + 32 = 46.4 degrees F. It was a game we used to play in the Caravan with my Dad. He is such a nerd.
  15. tieguy

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    All that contract language is wonderfull but useless. Government language also states the buildings have to be kept warm up to certain levels.Those buildings are heated which you can tell if you walk around during the day when there is nothing going on. Once the trailers start pulling off the doors that heat gets sucked right out the doors.
  16. dannyboy

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    I worked the preload and hub for years. Many days there was ice so thick on the tash and beard from my breath freezing, I had to thaw it just to get lunch or a drink of water. ANd you know what? I learned to dress warm. Did it bother me, nah!

    Sly, your .50 per hour is an extra contractual agreement, the Union will stomp you for that.

    "The Employer will evaluate wether additional ventilation or heat is needed for purposes of safety and health" Dont think it says a damn thing about your feeling comfy now does it?

    My P1000 never got warm enough in 10 1/2 hours yesterday to melt the ice on the winshield. Its part of the job, get used to it!

  17. deliver_man

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    Yes, I also froze my butt off yesterday, delivering all day in sub freezing weather. I don't think that it ever got over 30 degrees, and the wind was whipping as well. I remember being cold on the pre-load, but I noticed that if I worked hard I warmed right up[​IMG].
    If UPS is too tough for ya, try McDonalds, or get a job at one of those stores in the mall, they are nice and warm.
  18. abuckover

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    Yeah! I am a driver in Canada and have been wearing my shorts almost all winter. Mind you, this is the westcoast of Canada and we've hardly had a day below freezing all winter. My rule of thumb is if its 5 degrees or better and no rain or wind when I get up, the shorts go on. Feels a lot less like work with fresh air flowing across your legs. No heat at our centre either. It's been "broken" for about 3 years now. Puts a spring in your step when you come in on a Monday morning and its 42 degrees inside the building.
  19. proups

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    UPS: Hot in the summer, cold in the winter....period. It's a warehouse/outside job.....what did you expect???

    Some people need to cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it![​IMG]
  20. upslocal480

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    We had allot of unhappy faces in our center last night. It was 6 degrees outside but our full-time sup made us wash ALL of our trucks so they would "look good" for Monday. We kep the bay doors shut to try and keep them warm but it really didnt work. At the end of the shift we all had frozen solid pant legs from the knees down. It was like wearing armor. It was kind of hard to walk. LOL.