Heavy forever bags?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browncollar, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. dillweed

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    Smalls shift around in those bags which makes them more dangerous to lift. Where I work we need to toss them up in a pile. If they feel to heavy I kick them down to a lower belt. oops, sorry.
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    I once had a trailer with about a dozen forever bags with ~15 12lb boxes in each one. Whoever loaded that one must have had a lot of help :angry-very:
  4. Notcool

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    I was complaining about bags last yesterday. A few were heavier than hardware. Well, at least it felt 70lbs. I am a loader and heavy bags are the worst not much you can do with them building a wall.
  5. rod

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    just think of them as a big sandbag:

  6. Shryp

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    I work on the sort isle, and the small sort return belt comes back to our area. If they are too heavy we just dump them out and send them on their way. We have complained, it doesn't do much good. They just keep upping the number of smalls that must be in each bag. I sort the 7+ pound packages to whatever belt they go to for that very reason. I think they want us to send up to like 10 pounds to small sort, but no one in our area wants to pick those up. What is even worse is there is no standardized sizes. Small sort says "it doesn't fit in the bin" and sends the bigger ones back, but other buildings bag them. Seems like all we are doing is making more work for the next guy since every building seems to have a different size and weight restriction.

    The "new" bags are even worse. They look like the old ones, but they are much softer and slicker. They work great on our 40 year old belts. They slide right back down and go to whatever belt they fall closest to.

    Speaking of improved bags, it is always nice when they run out of forever bags and start using 1 ply garbage bags. As soon as you try to pick those up the bags split wide open and everyone goes flying everywhere.

    If you want more things to complain about, how about those labels they put on the bags? You know the ones that go 2 feet and then blow away?