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Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by golfinupser, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Does anyone know if October 15th is the date that Merrill Lynch is supposed to release held shares into Mellon One accounts?
  2. Yes..on or about you will get your next 20% RSU shares. Good luck in your retirement...I too left @ 55...you miss the folks but not the stress & strain.
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    Hmmmm......RSU shares are no longer in my account as of 10/16/12 but they have not showed up in my Mellon One account yet as of 10/21/12. Getting a little nervous about my measly 125.6007 shares. Been retired for 7+ months and haven't had a worry in the world.....until now. COME ON MAN!!!
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    There was a e-mail memo that came out that took the user to UPSers.com.
    They intimated/implied that it might be a bit bumpy transfer.

    Gist of the memo:
    While the MIP RSUs will vest on October 15 and the corresponding UPS Class A shares belong to participants as of that date, there remain a series of required processes in UPS Payroll, Investor Services, and at Computershare which will not be completed until Friday, October 26. Therefore it is on October 26 that participants will see the UPS Class A shares deposited into their Computershare Shareowner Services accounts.

    For what it's worth, it will come out OK but will be Oct 26th before it will be apparent.

    PS - It will no longer be MellonOne - they will be deposited into Computershare (formerly BNY Mellon) Shareowner Services accounts
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    Thanks for the info Hoaxster.
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    10/26 has come and gone and still no RSU shares populating to Computershare. HMMMMMMMM...........
  7. My RSU's have been posted as of Fri, 10/26.