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    hello everyone. im 1 0f 8 preloads hired for the new moncton warehouse in atlantic canada. since the warehouse is only 2 weeks into operation, do you think im in a good position to be a driver in the future? im currently working another job that pays $19/hr but thinking i should leave and stay at UPS since i got my foot in the door at the start of the facilities operations. ive been reading it takes a long time to become a driver but hoping i got lucky since its brand new to the area. also the moncton area is supposed to become a hub for the entire atlantic canada soon. is there any experienced UPSERS that can give me advice ? also i have 1 year no moving violations and 3 years no at fault accidents. and for 2 weeks in im a very good preload. DRIVER SOMEDAY I HOPE :P
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    Keep the other job until you can get a better grasp of the situation. Two weeks in is much too early.