Hello! How bad is ORION?

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  1. Hello everyone. Been working preload at ups for awhile and reading here for awhile and figured I'd say hello. Also have a question. I've passed integrad and now I am waiting to start driving but my supervisor said he wants to train me on ORION which they are implementing in my center now. I've seen people on here say it's awful and was wondering HOW bad it really is? Is it going to make qualifying much harder?
  2. Dr.Brown

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    There is no training on ORION.... integrad is pretty much useless when it comes to ORION...
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    image.gif Kinda like Jeb running for President
  4. I should've specified. My sup is waiting for ORION to be implemented before I start the qualifying period. So I was wondering, does following ORION usually take longer than however drivers did their route before it? Will it make running scratch harder?
  5. cosmo1

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    Type ORION into the search bar and sit back and read.
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    Orion is the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Start out on Orion, see where Orion is wrong, and adjust from there. Safety first, then service, then compliance.
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    Integrate is useless to the whole job.
  9. By The Book

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    If your a loader I think it will help because you are familiar with where packages are loaded. If they are looking for scratch you are in trouble. If they aren't looking for scratch you are in trouble lol. Yes to both of your questions.
  10. Dr.Brown

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    new driver, he won't know what is wrong.
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  11. Thank you everyone. From the replies and what I've read on the forums it sounds rough but at least I'll have a chance to learn everything before peak!
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  12. Wally

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    Just follow Orion and don't worry about it.
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    Oh look a new topic.
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    Hey I heard Amazon was leaving us.
  15. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    And taking their socks with them.
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    How bad am i?

    Im this bad:

  17. GatoBrown

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    I follow it 89.9% of the time. I look at my phone maps to see what it wants you to do. It's not practical really.
  18. Orion is wonderful. You will make enough money in your qualifying 30 to last you until next year when you'll be able to try again.
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