Hello! Intro, and Puzzled?

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    Hello to all!

    I've been lurking for about 2 weeks. I love everything here!

    I just started at UPS 3 weeks ago loading and sorting on our hubs air belt. It has been an interesting experience so far to say the least, however I am still puzzled about a few things...

    I went for orientation the first night and started to watch videos about Hazmats and started filling out my little booklet. The next day, they had the person in charge of everything to do with Hazmats sit me through some powerpoints and quizzes for a few hours. I expected to do more orientation the next day, but they just through me into the fray and I started my first day.

    The first day, I almost passed out from heat. They sent me home early...embarrassed as I thought about whether this was the right job for me. I went in the next day and talked to the DM about everything while she reassured me to stick it out and that my body would get used to the work over a few weeks.

    Second day, they had someone from another belt come over to show me how to load properly, and all that good stuff. I spent the next few days loading trailers. While I was working my supervisor called me over and some guy took my picture. The next week, I got my ID to load air containers. People started to give me weird looks. The people I work with expected me to come from another belt but I was completely clueless to everything, and then I found out that everyone on my belt has been working there for quite some time.

    Everyone on my belt has been extremely kind and patient with me but I can't help but to feel guilty. I didn't go through the training that everyone else had, I got "air certified" but I didn't do anything but take a picture. I work all the positions on my belt (load, sort and bag air smalls, and load air containers) I feel I bypassed seniority somehow. My supervisor is great, he's EXTREMELY patient with me and works with us (I've made some big mistakes and I'm very slow at loading trailers) and he gave us ice pops the other day.

    Sorry for the long post, but I can't find anything anywhere on the net pertaining to my situation haha. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    Don't worry about what anyone else thinks--just go in and do your job to the best of your ability each day.
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    I'm learning that very quickly when they send me to another belt to help out real quick. They hate me over there. After hearing all of the horror stories, I feel lucky to work with a good group and have a supervisor who helps load, scan, etc.
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    Are you a female?
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    Didn`t have to be a psychic to see that answer coming. :)
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    Yeeahhh it was kind of obvious :childishmask:
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    You do know their is a BC rule requirement of photo submissions as well as a signed release against prosecution for sexual harassment before we can provide you with any further information.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, SnaggyCrab. Keep us updated on your progress!
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    Nice try >.<
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    Thank you! I shall.
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    Hello!! We admire & welcome your views. Keep continuing your work. Have A Great time Ahead !!
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    Hi, I'm new to the board (not UPS, been there 7+ years) and I noticed you said you're an Air Recovery employee too. You'll do fine I'm sure of it. You get ADG certified just like everyone else did when they started out there, it's no big whoop. A lot of the other Loaders/Unloaders think we get special treatment, but we don't, we're just scrutinzed a little more than them. Most people at my hub say the Airbelt is the easiest area to work in, so consider yourself lucky that you got to work here first, but in my opinion, it's not significantly better than working in the hub(for us we get fewer hours, and we have virtually no cover from the cold in frigid weather :( ). Just remember to keep your misloads/mistoggles/missorts down, do your six-sided checks when you load, and you'll be ok.

    oh and welcome to browncafe lol.
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    I want an ice pop, that is not fair.