Hello peoples. Anyone from south Florida?

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    I am currently a PT Sup at a hub in Minnesota, I am planning on moving to south Florida in a few months here (Fort Lauderdaleish?) I am having trouble finding ups hubs in the area that I may be able work at, I just cant seem to find where they are. I really doubt they will let me transfer there as a sup as I don't think they like me very much. I've been told you can't go back to hourly once you've become a sup but I guess it happens sometimes. I would really like to stay with the company doing whatever I can. Any info on how it is working down there would be helpful : ) So I guess my questions were:

    Where are some hubs located in Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami area?
    Do you need to speak spanish to be a supervisor there?
    Think I can go back to hourly if I need to?
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    You could always just get into pharmaceuticals.
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    Go on google maps and search for ups customer center
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    Hialeah is the hub down there.

    Grew up on the other coast.