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    Hello Everyone my name is Joseph and i have been reading this forums for about a month now, so I still in the hiring process, but so far already had my interview and my on road test, so yes I'll be a delivery driver (love to drive), so I have just one question, this monday the 21st of July, i have to go and take my 5 days classes, so Im wondering on what to wear, i was thinking some dress pants nice shoes and some solid color Polo shirt, is this ok or it has to be a dress shirt.

    anyways im really excited about the opportunity to be on UPS as i like color brown hahaha,

    thanks you all.
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    You will be issued a full uniform to wear to class.

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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe amd UPS.
    Good luck young man.
    May the force be with you!
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    oh ok, but the guy who made my paper work told me to wear business attire for the clases, so no uniform were given to me.
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    Good luck out there, hope you have the same attitude after you get working, we need more happy, energetic, and optimistic folks like you!
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    Business attire? I just wore casual attire, I didn't get a uniform until after class, they are worried about you passing your written test, not how you dress.

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    They might just have you order a ups uniform in class

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    Yeah i noticed all da, so far today was my 3 day of class, already know all the 5 seeing habits and backup rules, now working on "verbalize" the 10 point commentary, tomorrow on day 4 we have a road test, i mean the road test. so far all good, like it alot, im being hire as a casual but for what i have talked with the supervisor at the center ill be working he said the most probable thing to happen is that i get to work next monday after i finish clases.

    they mention something about a letter telling why i decided to join UPS, what should i said, cuz of the great benefits? or just make it sound nice.?

    also i was given my ID number today but i just ave bad luck registering on UPSER, i tries as they said, first 2 of last name then last 2 of yob and last 2 of employee ID,.

    and one more question if possible at all, where can i get a extra pair of pants and shirts? i mean can i buy them some where?
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