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    Hello, long time reader, first time poster (wow, this is starting to feel like a radio show). you all are some funny mother's on here, always get a good laugh. Well I guess I'll tell you all a little about myself. I am currently trying to get a job for UPS. My father worked for you all for 31 years before he passed so I guess I'm trying to be like him. I'm 22 and want to drive someday (typical story). I've applied just about everywhere that is hiring and done just about everything I can but still no luck. Yes, I've even applied for the PT sup job to PT package car. Anyways, I enjoy reading ya'lls posts and laughing my butt off at some of them.

    anyways, I feel like I F'd up if I was wanting to work for UPS and should've started at the bottom when I was first going to college instead of now about to move out and all that fun stuff.

    anyways, love the site. you all are awesome
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    I'm a :censored2:. Just seen the Intro forum lolol. Get at me.
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    did your father pass before he retired or did he collect a pension? you said you wanted to be like him. hopefully he collected pension for quite awhile.

    otherwise , throw on a backpack and see the world and have fun cause UPS ain't no fun.
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    he passed after he retired. Thanks for the insight, I hear a lot of people say that. Only heard a few people say they absolutely loved it and he was one lol.
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    He wouldn't love it now. ( No disrespect to your father.)
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    no disrespect taken by any means, sir. Still talk to some of his old coworkers and only like 2 of them are still working. they say close to the same thing
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    goodbye....nice avi btw.
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