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    Does anyone have an idea on how many new hire drivers each center will let get into the union. ? I think there was 10 of us that we hired in september and there are only 4 us of left at this time.
  2. dannyboy

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    All hourly employees are able to join the union. As to whether or not you are going to do so as a driver or part timer, that might be something else.

    Now if you are only a temp driver, only for Christmas, then the way I understand it, you are just a casual hire with no strings attached.

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    Thank you for the info. I was not hired as "seasonal help". There are curenttly 4 of us who started in september and from what we were told we have to work 30 days after christmas and make it in 60 days to get into the union. I only have 25 days at this time so i'm trying to figure out why, how, what when i will be able to get into the union. They seem to be telling me to hang in there, but i need a full work week. Any more adivce will be appreciated.
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    In the Southern region the contract states "On the 31st working day within 120 consecutive day period, the employee shall be placed on the regular seniority list and the employee's seniority day shall be the first day worked within the 120 day period."

    Also " No seasonal employee shall be hired prior to October 1st of each calendar year."

    The language is probably different in every region so I'd check with the union steward in your center.
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    He has alot of questions for us faceless internet posters that he probably should be asking of his fellow workers, union steward and/or the business agent.
    I'm still not sure what "make book" means. In 28 years I have never heard the term.
  6. laborer

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    I agree trick, the answers from his own would probably be much more accurate. Maybe some regions require learning the bookie trade to help in those retirement years....
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    The company is wrong to tell you that you have to work 30 days after December. As you started in September then after you had 30 working days, not counting any classroom time. All classroom time is in addition to the 30 working days and the company may add up to 10 classroom days for a total of 40 days. If you started September 1, 2005, as long as you worked 30 days by January 1, 2006 then you should have reached seniority. The 120 days is a rolling time frame. Sounds like you need to get the union involved right away. You only have 90 days to argue any discrepencies involving seniority or pay issues.
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    In our center you have to be in the union. There is no right to work law in NH. Once you make your 30 days they have to give you 8 hrs no matter what. To my knowledge, we don't ever hire of ther street for driving though.
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    Every center is required by the contract to hire off the street. For every I believe it is 6 insiders, one outsider has to be hired. An outsider can be a PT Supervisor, or someone off the street. Usually you will find that the outsider hired will have a college degree in most cases, and go right into full time management about 6 months after getting hired.
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    We're not required we have that option. We usually like to use that option.

    Original question when is your free period? If november and december then you have to count up the days you worked prior to november 1st. Its somewhat unusual to have to start with a fresh 30 in January if you started in September. Check with your local union reps for clarification. Free period rules are different in different parts of the country.