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  1. brown4life?

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    Im sure this belongs in the labor relations board but.........:wink2: I have seen the contract for 710 and was wondering if since new hires jump to 9.50 after 90 days and senority will they bump my pay up to that since I will only be at 9 an hour till february(my 1 year yippy:happy2:) K Thanks in advance!!!
  2. 705red

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    Brown that is current contract language i believe, you should bump up to $9.50 after 90.
  3. brown4life?

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    Thanks Red I think you misunderstood I am already at 9 so when the vote goes through I will bump up to 9.50? Is that correct?:happy2:
  4. 705red

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    Im not 710 and our language gives you the dollar after 90 days for the last 6 years. I do know here that we have language that will catch up pay for alot of people, something your locals leaders probably received to by riding 705's back.

    You should go to $9.50.
  5. brown4life?

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    Thanks I would hate to have a new hire making more then me!!!:angry: LoL Have a great day!!
  6. haydendavid380

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    Yeah, I'm in 710, and we get the $1 raise after 90 working days after your seniority, which you seem to be well over, so I'd check in to that if I were you. If i remember correctly you should be getting another 50 cent raise at your 1 year also.
  7. drewed

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    how the progression works in the NMA i believe you would still be at 9 and theyd be at 950. Ive never looked at the 710 contract, i know theres quite a bit different but its a distinct possibility that it could happen. Ask your steward
  8. brown4life?

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    WOW That would tick me off! LOL Just feel like I am owed the same as a new hire guess I better double check with the union stew we haven't voted on this contract yet they say its in the mail....
  9. browniehound

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    Its good to know the part-timers are getting a little something. Its still peanuts, but I guess they have to look at the "big picture". There are career opportinuties at UPS.

    At age 17, you start at $8.50 then progress to 9.50 (do you move to $10.50 when you pass the sort test?). Heck, $8.50 is now minumum wage in Massachusetts! But unlike other minimum wage jobs you have a future. You start buying stock a discount and invest in the market through you tax-deffered savings plan.

    At age 21 you become a driver and start at 15-16 bucks an hour with OT every week! At age 24 you hit top rate and now make 70-80 thousand per year with the potential to make more if OT is your thing.

    Your college buddies graduated 2 years ago from State U and can't find a job in their field so they are bartending at Applebees. The ones that did find a job are making 40 grand in entry level positions.

    You on the other hand have been working for 7 years. You have been contributing to the 401k for 7 years and still have 40 years of growth ahead of you. You also have zero student loan debt.

    If you were saving 2k a year from age 17, you will be a millionare by age 50.

    What do you think is the better path? I'm not talking about real smart people that go ivy league schools and then on to grad school. I'm talking about the guy who squeked into State with B's and C's and 970 on his SATs.

    I think UPS would be the better path?
  10. drewed

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    brownie you do know a 970 doesnt get you into a community college now right :D lol
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    But it will get you in to the NBA or NFL. You would be considered a genius in the NHL.
  12. brown4life?

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    Brownie, I am a almost:wink2: forty year old that decided it was time for a career hoping brown is the way to go wish I would have done it years sooner but I have however sent all my 18yr olds buddies to brown for jobs!!! I am wondering what steps I need to take to make it to driver lot of the sups just blow it off when I ask what steps I need to take to get there!
  13. 705red

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    It all depends on what building you are out of in 710. I do believe that you are not allowed to go driving out of another building than your own, i could be wrong. I know alot of 710 feeder drivers are hired off the street because of this. Best bet is ask your steward in your building.