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    In Maspeth, NY, two weeks ago, UPS fired a driver and longtime union activist without the fair hearing he was entitled to. Outraged and aware that violating one worker's rights threatened them all, other drivers walked off of their job to stand in solidarity with their fellow worker.

    In retaliation, UPS has now notified all 250 drivers who participated in the protest that they are on notice of termination. In other words, "You're fired." The well-being of these drivers and their families hangs in the balance because they spoke out against a company that violated workers' rights.

    UPS shouldn't ship pink slips to their drivers just for speaking out--what should have been a routine disciplinary matter became an attack on hundreds of working families. It's bad for their brand, their employees, and most importantly, their customers.

    Tell UPS that it's not okay to retaliate against their workers. The drivers are committed to negotiating a fair resolution --why can't UPS do the same and take back the notices of termination?

    What can brown do for you? Certainly not this.

    That's why I signed a petition to UPS, which says:

    "UPS has told hundreds of drivers they are fired for protesting the termination of one of their fellow workers in NYC. Tell UPS it's the wrong turn for their employees, their customers and their brand."

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:

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    It's funny you mention the customers. How many of the 250 drivers in question were concerned about the customer when they illegally walked off the job?
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    The only reason you all will keep your jobs, is the reason you all walked off. UPS cannot replace 250 drivers. It's just a piece of paper they will stuff in your folder. There are times when great numbers are superior. My center of 22 drivers. Are replaceable.

    Upstate ----you are correct to a point. In the end the customers will back the drivers. "THE MAN " is over everyone of us. Ups employee or not. We are all vulnerable to mega companies whims
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    This could get really ugly. I see a big lawsuit coming if they fire all of them drivers.
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    Well I would first like to know what the driver did to get fired?