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    I recently transferred from air hub to a local center, taking on a position of fdc auditor. I was trained on the job sporadically by previous auditor. a few months later, I feel confident at my position, but overwhelmed by workload, this position is approved for 1 and 1/2 persons.(only myself doing-initially had 2 auditors) It seems daily, I am told of my mistakes, and they are starting to document, daily, and expect me to initial. The last straw was a package missed by someone else, but left in my work area(shoved underneath the belt, not uncommon there is usually packages all over) that didn't make it to the airport, and I was blamed for missing it, and expected to sign my name to it, I refused, finished my work and left. I feel like I am overly-supervised, not only by supervisors, but now my co-workers, who come to my work area and check that I am doing my job, but not getting the help I need in the time allotted for the air packages to be audited and make it out on time to reach the airport. I have never had the feeling of vomiting before arriving to work, but do now on a daily basis, I am also pressured to finish at a certain time, not to exceed the 5 hours, but sometimes with the overwhelming amount of pieces I receive daily, loading a local retain truck, and all the paperwork after, it is not unusual to be there 5 hours. It makes sense to hire that extra help to be efficient, and finished in a timely manor, but it is not happening, and I feel like I am being set up for failure, I dread going into work EVERYDAY!
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    BYPASS your immediate sup if he will not address this issue. Give them the facts, then do not stress it anymore. After that, it is in their hands. If it doesn't make the airport, Oh well!
    I wouldn't sign anything either, I would ask for help anytime they want you to sign.
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    page 15, article 6 section 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    master agreement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never sign anything, ​except your paycheck!!!!!!
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    Thanks, I have asked for help numerous times, told them it was a two person job, they know this, and I originally spoke with the human resources supervisor,(only because I felt comfortable with her) they were told it was a six month learning curve to my position, I've been here 4 months(employed ups for 10 years) I know they only care about "numbers" or piece count, but it is to the point of crazy, and after the building supervisor found out I spoke with the human resource supervisor, he had my immediate supervisor tell me I didn't follow "the chain of commands"I know with the open door policy I can speak with anyone I feel comfortable with. Thanks again, and I am not going to let this job cause me anymore stress.
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    Thanks, and I won't anymore!
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    Exactly RTS everything!!!! Also this doesn't seem to be your problem. Just work at a steady safe pace and let them worry about the rest. Also try to let it roll of your back I know it's hard but I'd they know they are getting to you they will just push harder and harder.
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    Go in, do your job, go home. Do your job to the best of your ability. If you need help, ask for it. If you don't get it, then it becomes their problem, not yours. Do not let this job get to you, it will only eat you up inside. And do not sign anything they put in front of you, unless of course its your paycheck as others have said.