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    I am a pt preloaded that also does seasonal driving. Every time I come back from seasonal driving I and go back to preloading I am not able to punch in. I report my times to my sup and they manually input to get my check. This year I did not receive my check. So now I have to wait an extra week for my check. I also just found out my insurance for me and my family was terminated because of the 1 Punch rule. My question is do I have any recourse. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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    Preoad is a different Center. They probably moved you information to the driving Center.

    Did you miss any time between driving and preload?
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    No time missed
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    If they manually put your preload hours into the computer...and you received a paycheck every week..why would your benefits lapse?? I haven't punched in once this week...but I should show up in the computer as on my benefits won't lapse. You need to talk to your steward....asap.
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    What is this 1 punch rule you speak of?
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    Are you on disability?
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    File a grievance for failure to maintain your time card, failure to pay you on time, and for failing to keep your insurance current. You need to file so it gets corrected otherwise they'll keep screwing around because they don't really care. You also need to call the hall and speak to your BA and explain the situation so they can call teamcare and get you back on the insurance; also make sure you got credit for your pension while your at it.
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    I believe he said he missed a check. His sup must not have turned in his hours for the week. And since no compensated time for the week, no insurance.

    UPS can go back and reinstate your insurance for the week. Any medical bills you had for the week will be paid.

    You need to talk to your sup with your steward present about getting you put back in the preload system so this does not happen again.

    The insurance won't be a big issue if you did not have any medical bills for the week. You are automatically reinstated the next week as long as you have compensated time.