Helping other drivers


"الحَمْد لله"
Your best bet is to call the other driver 5 times but hang up before the first ring. Then tell management they didn’t pick up. Go home early and leave the other guy out to die. Crisis averted


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In that case I'd just skip it entirely - I wouldn't split it up. Or the help would get less. Never more without their ok.

Yeah, I get that. I always assume there'd be a conversation before you throw an extra 20 stops on top of the 20 at a driver.

I just thought you were being super rigid like some of the older guys in my center, but not the case. There are some guys that bitch and moan about giving any stops up, and I mean... 18 years in, you do you-- but at the same time, I'm working as I was instructed and if you're not giving me anything I have to send a message at the very least to cover my own ass.