Here is a question: What is a contract for if UPS will just

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by NI1, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. NI1

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    continue to bend every rule there is?

    It is a simple question right? I mean, I have been through 3 contract negotiations, I am happy that we have a 'handshake' agreement and I am happy that for once (in the 3 that I have experience) we are not anywhere near a strike (I hope)....

    That being said, I have been asking myself. What is the point of all of this when the company I work for will continue to find its way to bend the rules anyway?

    Up until now, I am trying to HOPE and I have faith that someday I can go to work not having to deal with all the BS. That someday I will not have to keep telling my manager that I dont want too much overtime, that I need help with 150 lb box, that when I request for an 8 hour day that I can actually have an 8 hour day without killing myself to have one...etc.etc.

    I am not the complainer type who throws a fit every morning, because I believe most of our managers and sups are trained to responed to that type of emotion.

    I am just saying that with all my years in the company, I dont think they are making an effort to follow the rules, I think they react when necessary and I think they waste a huge amount of time and energy into trying not to follow everything we agreed upon. JMHO

    Just an opinion...:cool:

    That being said, I probably have the best management team right now in all the years I have worked for the company. Then again, listening to most of the complaints of the drivers I know and from this site, it makes me wonder... :)
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    "Continue to bend every rule there is"? Sure, they will. Unless you and others step in to stop it. Heard of the grievance procedure? It's there for a reason.

    To date: My record is 10 out of 11 wins, with one being withdrawn til I can get more info. PERSONAL record! I am not a steward. Just a driver. Scuse me. That record is for this yr alone.

    One of the sups even told one of the other drivers to not give me any reason to file because I file on EVERYTHING. Too funny.
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    Yeah, that is funny! I wasn't a p*ss about grievances but I didn't file them without a good reason. The one time I was about to, I approached my full-time supe, told him the story and he promised to step in to correct the behavior--safety issue--that was p*ssing me off. Didn't have another problem! -Rocky
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    the company will keep pushing the rules to see how far they can get away with it. The contract is nothing more than a piece of paper that sets few rules for the willing parties to follow.
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    On the other hand, how many Teamsters are slackers and, as a result, cause more work for their "brothers"? We all know not everyone at UPS is pulling their weight. That work has to go somewhere.
  6. 705red

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    Pulling their weight according to ups's numbers? I hope your not serious here. I was a cover driver for over 5 years and i did routes that i would have 2 hour lunches and bonused another 2, but yet i have done routes were i ran myself into the ground with no lunch and i was 2 hours over. Please do not look at the numbers, look at if the driver is working properly, safely using the methods. Also remember that a regular driver does more for his customer compared to a cover driver. The regular driver will bring the delivery into a closet, back room etc while the cover guy drops and runs. Most customers live with it for the week or 2 that the driver is on vacation. If you are getting to much work maybe you are working through your lunch? Maybe you get in under 9.5 everyday no matter how much work you are given.
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    I drove routes for 27+ years so I think I have seen it all. You can color it any way you want but there are people who do not pull their weight. Forget UPS numbers, I am talking work ethic. Someone has to pick up that slack. I see it EVERY day.