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  1. MrFedEx

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    With the release of the new Accident Policy, and our "outstanding" SFA results, I think we're due for a hammering. I'm guessing that while they were cooking-up those numbers, they were also seeking new ways to make us more productive and to cull the herd of higher paid senior employees.

    It's interesting that their verbage in the Accident Policy reflects their opinion that we're not "safe" enough. But who created the very unsafe environment in which we work today? Why that would be the same Memphoids speaking out of both sides of their mouths about "safety". Pure BS.

    So, we have too many accidents, do we? Why are accidents up, Fred? Could it be because you're forcing couriers to speed and to work through breaks? Employees who eat on the run or don't eat at all are fatigued, distracted, and pressured all at once, creating the perfect scenario for an accident.

    My favorite is the new Driveway Policy, which means that if you have an accident in someone's driveway, it could be termed an "egregious act", which could get you terminated, as can all the other egregious acts, whatever the eff that means. It's up to management to determine the severity of the act, which should cause alarm bells to go off everywhere.

    What if you have a rural or suburban route with long driveways? Are we supposed to park on the street and hike in? That would be the "safe" thing to do, so we don't run over anyone's lawn or leave tracks in their manicured imported gravel. But that would take time , wouldn't it?

    It's pretty obvious that the new policy was written by cubicle-bound Memphoids who don't have a clue about the real world. That's nothing new, but the level of scrutiny is, and that's disturbing. What's next? Are we going to have to leave a mint and thank-you card with each delivery? My first thought is to never even enter a driveway from this moment on. If it's a half mile in, well, I'll just leave my vehicle on the highway and go for an hour long stroll. After all, it's policy, right?

    The best outcome of this stupidity would be another big ass lawsuit, and with this newest brainstorm, they might just get one. Please make it a class action, OK?

    While you're watching MT3 and Dave blow each other over how great they are, ask your fellow couriers how they really feel about what's happening, and how we are going to turn it against them.

    This is what happens when you don't have a union.
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    Why don't you just back the truck into the driveway, just enough to get it off the road. Then go for your hike. When the homeowner comes home while your hiking, then and only then will the realize that your job sucks, and will take pitty on you the next time your spinning your wheels on there manacured lawn or driveway. In the end its how well you kiss up to your customers that is important. When they see you in traffic they will be less likely to cut you off and give you the bird for working for a non-union company.:happy2:
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have a union and are dealing with this driveway issue. Ours is primarily intended for the more traditional driveways, such as those found in a cul-de-sac, not the driveways found in the country. We are supposed to stay out of residential driveways.
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    Funny how the company seemed extra nice when there was a chance a union would get in. Now that it's unlikely they come up with policies like this and slow our pay even further. It's like they want to put their boot on our necks and show us who's boss.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. And it's a logger's boot (the kind with spikes).
  6. Cactus

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    In this month's frontline video MT3 expreesed his disappointment that we didn't achieve our accident and safety goals recently. Well duh.....when we have crap like productivity and gap stop reports shoved down our throats something's gotta give and that something is safety.

    MT3 thinks all is a free lunch for him and Fred.

    Well think again.
  7. FedEx courier

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    I am no longer a courier at fedex but I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of organizing a national petition for osha to investigate these types of practices at fedex. Fedex obviously forces people to sign documents and accept the responsibility for any accidents that occur. It is my understanding that osha is in place to protect the safety of the american worker and the community as a whole. As far as I know, in my years as a courier there was never any written policy about having lates but the managers intimidated employees behind the scenes about it. Just an idea I had, I am not as internet savy as some of you probably with that type of thing on the computer but I have seen online petitions. It seems like if osha had enough complaints in enough different states they would have to act upon it. Osha also claims to protect your confidentiality and protect you from retaliation in such matters.
  8. Coldworld

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    Its nice to know that workers at other companies are being treated like dog:censored2: also...not just at ups
  9. LTFedExer

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    Also, OSHA enforces safety laws. While probably toeing close to the line, FedEx doesn't break them.
  10. UnsurePost

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    I was cut-off on the highway by a speeding FedEx Express today, I was around 65 maybe 70 tops, he was near 80mph. One of those sprinter type vans, not sure what you call it. Is this what you mean by coerced into reckless driving and speeding as a result of FedEx coercing individuals into doing the job the wrong way?
  11. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    THat might work in a local practice setting but no one would ever believe, on a wholesale scale, that management would intimidate and place employees and the public at risk in a postion of "losing their job" because of a late air or two.
  12. whenIgetthere

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    I don't doubt you were cut off by Fedex sprinter, but Fedex sprinters are governed at 68 mph max. Very frustrating to drive because while speed limit here is 70, I can't pass anyone on the highway due to the governor, though Fedex corporate speed limit is 65!!!!


    We have a couple ungoverned Sprinters...let me tell you from experience, you DON'T want to go over 70 in those turds, they wander and any gust of wind is a white-knuckler. Those things suck at any speed, they turn over at the drop of a hat too.
  14. bbsam

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    Couldn't just be a crappy, reckless, unsafe individual could it? Nah. Has to be the big bad evil corporation.
  15. MrFedEx

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    Actually, it might have something to do with the FedEx and their CSA score, which supposedly isn't very good. Good try with the "crappy, reckless, unsafe individual" bit, but it won't fly here. Sure, there are some reckless people, but IMO, if you see someone speeding or otherwise being unsafe, it's a result of being pushed to do too much in too little time. Express has multiple hard deadlines for service, unlike Ground, which only has to deliver on the right day.

    This will eventually result in a huge lawsuit, and FedEx will pay big money when one of our couriers gets in a really bad accident that kills enough people to make headlines. Like the Domino's scandal a few years ago, FedEx will finally have to stop forcing it's drivers to break the law just to keep their jobs. Sooner or later, the national media will pickup on this fact, and it's unfortunate that someone is going to have to pay the ultimate price to bring FedEx into compliance.

    I'm working on a letter to 60 Minutes, a copy of which will be sent to other media outlets as well, which outlines this issue. A copy of the letter will also be sent to each state DOT, and to the Federal Highway Safety Administration. FedEx is a big advertiser, but hopefully, I'll be able to get enough interest to generate a media investigation into Express employer practices. A governmental investigation would also be quite revealing.

    Get that checkbook ready Fred, because you're going to be paying some big fines.
  16. LTFedExer

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    Just because you see a truck speeding and being unsafe, you expect someone to assume "it's a result of being pushed to do too much in too little time". How can you make an assumption either way?
    FedEx will just say that safety is #1 and nobody told the courier to be reckless.....and if you ask any courier if they were told to be unsafe, every one of them will say no.
  17. vantexan

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    I actually did send an email to "60 Minutes" several years ago. Suggested they look into differences between a non-union company like FedEx and our unionized competitor UPS to see the vast difference in employee experience. Never heard a thing. Not sexy enough for Morley Safer I guess.

    LTFedExer. do you think with this latest policy change things might just be a little rigged? A smidge? Maybe? Hello?
  18. vantexan

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    Big, bad, evil corporation=oxymoron.
  19. MrFedEx

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    Give me an address, and I'll send you a copy of what I'm sending out. It may go nowhere, but it's worth a try. FedEx can only say they told you to be "safe" to a point, and they've gone far beyond that. They knowingly send people on the road setup to fail regarding safety. You know, I know it, and so does the corporation. It's all about the money, and they could give a rat's ass if anyone gets harmed.
  20. bbsam

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    Read up on your literary terms. You probably mean "Big, bad, evil corporation = redundant." "Kind, considerate, thoughtful corporation = oxymoron." I think.:happy-very: