Here's one for you all.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Johney, Jul 11, 2012.

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    I never knew that some men didn't use urinals. I never had a problem peeing on myself or my clothes, its not difficult to aim. Following somebody into the restroom to spy on him and "demonstrate" is just weird, as is calling him a monkey.
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    Totally believe this one.

    Had feeder mangler or div mangler in another hub a few hundred miles away that did same thing. Harrassing driver, followed him in, stood next to, peered over divider, wanting to actually see the pee come out of his wanker.

    Got transferred to this div, tried various stunts, got transfered up north, got caught messin with female "not his wife" at company. Was promptly fired.

    Some morons just will never get it. Give em time and enough rope to hang.
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    If your goal is not to get any urine on your pants or yourself by peeing in a urinal... sitting down on a toilet in a UPS bathroom is not a good alternative. By the time you're done, you'll have far more that just urine on the pants you pulled down.
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    Poop is sacred.
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    I agree,you'd think this guy would be smarter than texting the other guy and not expecting something to come from it. Although I'm not sure why the guy waited so long to report it.
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    Notice how the article stated UPS wouldn't comment on that manager's discipline.. he was probably shuffled a state or two over and slapped on the wrist for being a racist douchebag.
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    Only your left hand.
    I hear it is considered to be a huge insult to pass the bread with your left hand as a result.
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    disgusting, and the comments are worse
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    Wierd --- but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the OP. Call me what ever you want but the more I hear about Muslims the more I am confuse as to why anyone would want to be one (unless you hate women and life in general).
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    Lol, they pee sitting down like a woman!!!
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    Yes the fact that it's true is what makes it so disgusting.....................The comments are not made up .
    you will be instructed which hand to grab that funny bread with to scoop up your cuscous or whatever slop they are feeding you because the other hand is reserved for the other duties..........those are the facts that guests in Saudi homes are given.
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    In the Muslim and Arabic world there is no designation of 'Left' and 'Right' hand, rather the 'Eating' hand and the 'Wiping' hand.
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    It's still disgusting no matter what you call it.....the fact is it's true!!!!
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    Oh yeah, agree 100%. They love to stone/shoot/kill/maim their women, don't they.
    Google 'Muslim female castration' if you really want to see what sick :censored2:'s these people are.
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    I'm atheist, so I'm not on any side, but the Catholic Church used to torture and kill people in the name of the Lord all the time. The "Holy Inquisition". Plenty of evil things have been done in deities names the world over.
  19. soberups

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    The extremist practices you are referring to have as much in common with mainstream Islam as polygamy, snake handling, white supremacism and speaking in toungues have with mainstream Christianity. It is factually incorrect to assume all Muslims worldwide share in these beliefs.
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    And once again, I'll bet that of all religions that have stoned/maimed/killed their women this year - 98% are MUSLIM.
    They are evil barbaric freaks, and I can't understand why you defend them.