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    Is this the real explanation of....."hermetically sealed in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's porch since noon
    today" ????
  3. They say "light", yes it is(like says in the video, everything)
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    Okay I looked at your video, only 2 minutes and change, I can handle that. I was about to say Richard Hoagland and he was mentioned. This hyperdimensional physics is also related to torsion physics(held in esteem by current Russian physicists). It has a lot to do with spin. These "spin" experiments were done by a physicist named Bruce DePalma and he found a spinning ball(no grooves, no frictional effects as a spinning baseball might experience) behaved differently than a non spinning ball when both ejected into the air.(trajectories were different).

    That name De Palma should sound familiar as it was his brother director Brian DePalma who made that Mission to Mars film a few years back. In that movie, a group of American astronauts go to Mars and find a "Face Monument" along with a bunch of other interesting things.

    Right at the end of the movie, there was a window of time to get off the planet via the spaceship and the verbal and visual emphasis was on a certain time:"19:50". I don't think that was a coincidence . I think Brian was trying to say something.

    Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

    Oh as an aside , you will notice that the Egyptian pyramids and hawaiian volcano system are about 19.5 degrees from our equator. Make of that what you will.

    By the way, if what that gentleman says in the video is true about that "alignment" at the end of the year is true, then that is pretty interesting ,to me anyway.
  5. These rituals are for that I believe to access different dimensions... Just like the twin towers had affect on the unconscious mind or the frequency (globally effected).
    Thanks I will check out DePalma. I like Hoagland, but I consider him as "gatekeeper" just like Alex or David Icke don't tell the whole truth just pieces with disinformation... :D Just as all of our politicians I bet most of them know the game (as you can see on the voting together on important issues), just don't share the info with the public, that's why I see this whole election stuff as a show, they already know it's going to happen under Obama "world order that everybody would like to see", the only way I can imagine that is in higher dimension, creating with the mind or that our 3D reality changes = peaceful anarchy!
    If interested on the face on Mars, btw we got the most spacecrafts visited there, the Chinese got a lot of "malfunctions" probably thanks to us. LOL
    Cydonia (Mars), Atlantis, & The Pentagon? (HD 1080p) - YouTube

    Or the pyramid and the face set up, not all content accurate, but the alignment still is interesting:
    Wayne Herschel author - The Hidden Records - discovered ancient alien star maps around the world showing human star origins - a true story now 'fictionalized' and twisted in PROMETHEUS movie
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    Okay, I found that mission to mars film on you tube. in this video, at 7:24, Gary Sinese's character makes a reference to "Nineteen Fifty".

    MISSION TO MARS (2000) 6 - YouTube

    By the way, just another day, i looked at that Prometheus video. Assuming what the guy did was true and accurate(and he seemed rather capable), that is pretty amazing. I believe there are native Indian tribes(cherokee, if I remember) that believe their predecessors came from what we call the Pleiades system.
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    " I believe there are native Indian tribes(cherokee, if I remember) that believe their predecessors came from what we call the Pleiades system."

    Yeah,that's where Elizabeth Warren claims she's from
  8. I think it's the Orion nebula (we came from the stars, we are all one), but hey soon we find out... and Jesus/Mohammed represents that area, the higher consciousness or pineal gland. So maybe we were cut off from it...
    Here is for the Vatican mapping:
    Found this on Hopis:
    The Hopi/Extraterrestrial Connection: As Above, So Below | The 2012 Scenario

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    That was "Men in Black".......

    "The galaxy is on Orion's Belt....."

    Sorry, never mind.....nothing to see here.....
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    I got the reference, that was men in black 2. The cat's collar had the galaxy I think.