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    OK I hand a inguinal hernia on my right side. They said it's a good chance I get one on my other side. But my thing is I have some recent discomfort by my mesh or whatever is in me but when I cough I think I feel like I have another hernia right next to it a little to the right of the mesh. Has anyone heard of anything like this the recent discomfort just started last week I reported it but now I think I'm going to ups doc. 24 year and 1 surgery isn't bad I guess
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    Change your tampon
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    don't get one
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    Ask your Center Manager for his medical opinion. They all have advanced medical degrees you know.
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    It is quite possible to have another hernia starting up right next to it. Another problem is there has problem of some of the mesh they are using has deteriorated over time. By all means - get it checked by a competent person. They might have not placed the mesh correctly and missed a spot. Remember they get distracted at work also and aren't as careful as you would like. You'll see plenty of info on how someone was walking around with instruments still inside because "they" forgot to count the instruments before sewing you up. You could get an infection from your mesh. Good luck. Unless your center mgr. has a bona fide medical degree and can prove it - don't ask their opinion. It's like asking for directions; the person doesn't know but will give wrong information anyway. I have had hernia repair so feel I can guide you.
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    Thanks I'm going to tell them the pain is to much when lifting heavy boxes. Staying home today to avoid corona and rest.
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    Take care of yourself, because no one else will.
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    Can he check me. I feel a little discomfort
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    Called double hernia common
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    long story with no ending
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    8 Keys to Lifting and Lowering

    1. Get close to the object--work within your Power Zone.

    2. Position your feet shoulder width apart, one slightly ahead of the other.

    3. Bend at the knees--keep the natural curve of your back.

    4. Test the object for weight and shifting contents.

    5. Get a firm grip and grasp opposite corners.

    6. Lift with a smooth steady motion--don't jerk.

    7. Move your feet. Step or pivot--don't twist.

    8. Use existing equipment for facilities to assist in the lift or lower.
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  13. Wrong

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    Center Manager diagnosis: Bitch fit from hourly

    Remedy: 30 additional stops a day and upping harassment for a month