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    I've worked for UPS for almost 8 years (seasonal in 2006) and I finally decided to join.
    I just wanted to say "hello" to all the fellow UPSers out there. I just came back to work after being out with an injury (out for 4+ months) and I'm still not 100%.

    I was raised with a pretty blue collar work ethic; I try to do everything right the first time. I know the sorts for all the positions and have been called "The FireFighter" for being able to run around the Hub and help any where that was going under and have always felt that my hard-work has been appreciated (by hourly and Sups alike).

    In any event, I have an issue that I am going to post about over the weekend to see if I can get some sage-like advice on how to handle re-acclimation to the hub...

    Take it easy!
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe..
    Just wait until you meet @Turdferguson
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    "The Fire Fighter " What the hell